Sunday, September 15, 2019

New marketing agency opens its doors

Adam Bell
Adam Bell

A new marketing agency has opened its doors in Aberdeen. founder Adam Bell, originally from Aberdeenshire, has over 10 years of experience working with small, medium and large businesses both nationally and internationally.

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Adam starting his career at the global tech giant Microsoft moving to agency-side roles (first network, then independent) he found his stride working with multiple, fast-paced businesses on projects that spanned the digital marketing spectrum from Search, to Social, to Email and Marketing Automation.

“Coming home, I wanted to leverage the experience I’ve gained working for both startups and household names like P&G and Jaguar, both in the UK (London, Leeds) and overseas (Australia).

“Aberdeen has a rich hub of agencies with incredible Creative and Public Relations prowess, but no-one is really doing ‘digital marketing’ properly and that means local businesses are missing out on potential revenue. That’s where I can make a difference.

“Marketing isn’t about funnels anymore, so you can put away that textbook that’s still recommended reading at less forward-thinking institutions.

“It’s about moments in which consumers are looking for information (Search), seeking the opinions of their peers (Social) and making purchase decisions (Email, Marketing Automation).

“Quite simply if you’re not active on Google and Facebook, you’re missing out. We’ve built a modern marketing agency with the team, tools and tenacity that can prove it to you. It starts today.”

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