3 Tips for Crafting an Unforgettable Christmas Event for Aberdeen-Based Businesses


THE FESTIVE season in Aberdeen brings a unique charm, with its twinkling lights and the crisp, winter air setting the perfect backdrop for a memorable Christmas event. For businesses in this vibrant city, the Christmas ‘do’ is not just a party; it’s a golden opportunity to celebrate the year’s successes, to strengthen team bonds, and to set a positive tone for the year ahead. But how do you ensure that your event stands out? Here are some expert tips to help you plan a Christmas celebration that your team will talk about well into the New Year.

Search for Venue Early

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Aberdeen offers an array of venues that can add an extraordinary touch to your Christmas event. Consider hosting your party in a grand historic building or a chic modern space that captures the city’s essence. The key is to pick a venue that resonates with your company’s culture and the festive spirit.

When selecting your venue, keep in mind the comfort and accessibility for all attendees. Ensure the venue is easily reachable by public transport and has ample parking space. A venue that is considerate of all attendees’ needs will be appreciated and remembered.

Organise Entertainment 

A critical element of any memorable Christmas event is the entertainment. This could range from a live band playing festive tunes to a DJ mixing contemporary hits. The choice should align with your theme and audience preferences. Consider hiring local talent from Aberdeen to add a personal touch.

To keep the energy high and ensure everyone feels included, plan interactive activities. These could be anything from a photo booth with festive props, to icebreaker games, to a secret Santa gift exchange. These activities not only provide fun but also facilitate networking and team bonding. 

Every great event needs a great host or speaker to guide the evening. Through speaker bureaus such as Speakers Corner, you can find the perfect speaker, comedian, host, or facilitator for your in-person or virtual event. This professional speaker bureau offers a wide range of professionals who can add value, humour, and a unique perspective to your Christmas do, ensuring it’s not just another office party but an engaging and enriching experience.

Add Little Details

A captivating theme can instantly elevate your Christmas event. Whether it’s a traditional winter wonderland, a glamorous Great Gatsby affair, or a fun and quirky ugly sweater party, a well-chosen theme sets the tone for the evening and makes it memorable.

Aberdeen’s culinary scene is diverse and exciting. Reflect this in your menu by offering a range of options that cater to different dietary requirements and preferences. A mix of traditional festive dishes and modern, innovative cuisine will delight your guests. A selection of Christmas-themed cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages can add a fun and festive twist to your event.

Paying attention to the little things – from festive decorations and lighting to the choice of music – can make a big difference. These elements should complement your theme and create a warm, inviting atmosphere. Incorporate elements unique to Aberdeen or Scotland, like tartan patterns or a bagpipe welcome, to give your event a distinctive local touch.

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