5 of the most unique start-up businesses we saw thriving in 2018

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Now that we’re at the start of 2019 we wanted to roundup some of the most unique start-ups that sky-rocketed last year. There are far too many unique businesses to mention in one post, so we’ve narrowed them down to the best 5 – and for good reasons.

Independent businesses are undoubtedly the backbone of the UK economy. The FSB recorded 99.9% of private sector businesses being small or medium-sized (SMEs) since the start of 2018, with total employment of around 16.3 million.

If you’re considering starting your own unique business venture – you’ve probably read an abundance of articles shouting out unique business ideas. But why not read about the ones that came to life and succeeded?

From wrinkle-resistant fashion to temperature-sensing mobile apps – here is a roundup of our top 5 most unique start up businesses that thrived in 2018:


The increase of mobile-based banks is no stranger to anyone, however Monese is a money banking app on a mission to tackle the nation’s most common banking problem: bad credit.

Monese is an inclusive bank that allows people all over Europe to open a UK current account quickly without the common restrictions most associated with a conventional UK bank. Subsequently its “banking with no boundaries” message supercharged its popularity in 2018.



Have you ever returned home to find you left the lights on due to a busy morning rush? It’s not a great feeling knowing you’ve racked up the energy bills a notch – but this is something Wondrwall has tapped in to.

Wondrwall is highly intelligent app that studies your behaviour over the course of time. If you forget to switch off lights and/or other appliances –  it does it for you, based on a range of variables. For example it might discover that you leave your bathroom light on more than the rest of the rooms in your house and will allocate priority to switch it off when you leave.

The app can be integrated with other appliances to adjust the temperature in your room, security of your home and even Alexa thanks to its 13 different sensors.


Elvie is a London-based start-up that recently released its new range of portable breast pumping devices after the success of their Kegel trainer. It’s a wearable, cupped breast pump that is not only renowned for its pumping capabilities, but also for its silence making it discreet enough for use anywhere.

By downloading the app you can keep an eye on your output and it can hold up to 5 oz. from each use.


Image result for caroo recruitment

Manchester-made app Caroo is the job seekers answer to what feels like endless job searching. With just a few taps you can input your own data and allow its algorithm to recommend you the best roles based on your current skills and interests. It always runs in the background, so you don’t have to keep logging in to refresh the app. Plus – you end up talking directly to the companies themselves. The whole idea came about from wanting to remove the middle man and constant email alerts, giving you reliable results and a new role, fast.


Traditionally Made with 100 Years’ Experience

Herdy’s subsidiary brand Herdy Sleep might just be the answer to a good nights’ sleep. Every mattress is tufted and finished by hand making each of them one of a kind. They use responsibly sourced materials and is both created and inspired around the well-known Herdwick Sheep.

Combining fair-trade Herdwick wool with 6000+ pocket springs in their King size range, you can sleep easy knowing your mattress was made sustainably and responsibly.

Author BIO

Christina is a Copywriter for Virtual HQ – a provider of Virtual Office spaces across major cities over the UK.


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