60% of Jobseekers in Aberdeen are looking for flexible working according to new research

Ewan Anderson
Ewan Anderson

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Salaries are an important part of any job but there are a number of factors involved in people’s decision to apply for a job. According to new research commissioned by Eden Scott, employee benefits, and in particular flexible working, are a key motivator for job seekers in Aberdeen.

Access the report here.

To better understand the link between employer brand, the recruitment process and candidate attraction, Eden Scott surveyed 1011 people in Scotland, with a focus on North-east Scotland.

With an increasing focus on employee benefits schemes, the report looks into the benefits which rank highly among candidates. 60% of people look for flexible working when looking for a job, followed by training opportunities (52%), career development (50%) and pension scheme (39%). The report suggests that in order to get ahead of the competition and establish a positive employer brand, companies need to tailor make their employee benefits package according to the needs and expectations of the candidates.

The research also revealed that 76% people investigate a company’s values and visions before applying for a job in that company, to ensure that it is a right fit for them. The findings indicate that having a set of core values that appeal to the candidates not only leads to a positive brand perception but is also a primary recruiting and retention tool

Access the report here.

Interestingly the report shows that 83% of people place more trust in businesses that have a rigorous recruitment process spread across multiple stages.

Recruitment is no longer about just posting a job advertisement and conducting an interview to select the right candidate. As competition for talent becomes increasingly fierce, companies are doing everything they can for their employer brand, from implementing a multi-faceted recruitment process to enforcing a unique company culture, so that they can be perceived as a great place to work.

The Recruitment Process and Brand Perception Report by Eden Scott aims to help companies to create effective people management initiatives and improve their employer brand, allowing them to design their hiring strategy accordingly. With its systematic findings, Eden Scott’s report successfully shows that a company’s recruitment process is not only critical to staffing success but is also instrumental in determining how it is perceived as an employer brand.

“We are always looking to improve the recruitment process for our clients to ensure they get the very best talent on the market. This report highlights the value of a strong employer benefit package and appealing vision and values, hopefully our partners will see the benefit as they recruit and grow. Said Ewan Anderson, Associate Marketing Director, Eden Scott.


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