Aberdeen business celebrates fifth birthday with relaunched product

An Aberdeen based software developmetnt company has launched a new version of their flagship product, Library Player, with significant improvements.

Library Player is a professional audio player, ideal for broadcasting, Djing and podcasting, and the new version includes support for multiple sound cards. As with previous versions, Library Player is developed with the aim of getting its users up and running with the product within minutes, rather then hours.

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Simon Pittman, who oversees development of Library Player and all other related product, says:

“Our business celebrates its fifth birthday this month, and launching the new version of our audio player seems like a perfect way to celebrate, as we continue to look forward on all our products. As always, we don’t just sell clients our products and then forget about them, we continue to offer them the best ongoing product support.”

Simon Pittman originally developed Library Player over 10 years ago while volunteering for a local charity, before starting his own business in 2012, selling Library Player and various other software products. Since launching his business in 2012, the software products on offer has expanded, including further audio, database, membership and project applications.

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