Aberdeen business woman turns juice passion into business

An Aberdeen businesswoman has turned her passion for juicing into a thriving business.

The Aurora Juice Company was established by Suzanne Christie to help promote a balanced, healthy and sustainable lifestyle through the provision of fresh fruit and vegetable juices.

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An avid juicer for many years and now the only qualified juice therapist in the North of Scotland, Suzanne had personally experienced the health benefits of juicing since she made it part of her own diet regime.

The Aurora Juice Company supplies a full range of juice therapy services, including Fresh fruit and vegetable juices, Juice therapy consultations & workshops and pop up juice bars.

Since launching the Aurora Juice Company Suzanne has worked hard to raise awareness about the health benefits which can be derived from juicing and why people should consider introducing juices on a regular basis to their diets.

Having encouraged friends and family to try juicing she knew that everyone can benefit from juicing and decided to turn her personal passion into a business.

Suzanne said “As a nation we are largely overfed and undernourished and many of us have a lifestyle and diet which leaves us overloaded with toxins and deficient in a large number of nutrients. Juicing can help address this by removing toxicity and replacing nutrient deficiencies.”

“I am incredibly passionate about juicing and I love what I do. I am on a mission to help juice the world starting with Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, my aim is to educate people of the health and weight loss powers of freshly extracted juice. I am truly inspired by the amazing results people have whether it be weight loss or significant changes to their mental and physical health.”

Future plans include moving to dedicated premises where juice can be prepared along with delivering workshops and training.

In partnership with other health and wellbeing providers, Suzanne plans to launch a wellness retreat weekend where people can come and truly invest in themselves and their health. On offer would be yoga, essential oils, massage and fresh juices.

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