Aberdeen Businesses Urged to Plug their Profit Leaks

Bestselling marketing author Bryony Thomas visited Aberdeen yesterday to talk at her first event in the North East.

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In her powerful session she urged business owners to start plugging the leaks in their marketing process in order to maximise their profits.

She focused on the thirteen touchpoint leaks outlined in her award-winning book, Watertight Marketing, providing practical tips for attracting and retaining customers through the entire buying process.

The fast-paced seminar was organised by Julie Mitchell-Mehta, owner of Début Marketing, who is the only Watertight Marketing Accredited Consultant in Scotland. She is keen to introduce the Watertight Marketing methodology to Aberdeen businesses and explained why, “Bryony introduces a no-nonsense approach to marketing which adds structure to many of the activities that small businesses are doing already. It highlights very clearly the areas that need attention and provides a straightforward way of prioritising them”

After the event Bryony Thomas commented, “It’s amazing how much difference businesses can make by simply turning their marketing upside down. What was clear with the businesses I met yesterday and what I have seen time and time again is that many small organisations are fruitlessly running expensive marketing taps into leaking sales buckets. It was exciting to see businesses owners at the seminar realise that making a few simple tweaks to their marketing from the bottom up could radically improve their profits.”

Marie-Louise Dunk, Chartered Architect and Director of JAMstudio, who attended the seminar said, “I found the seminar yesterday most thought provoking and I had, as the speaker indeed suggested we might, something of an epiphany moment. I have only recently bought the book, and am now feeling very fired up about tackling the rather disconnected way we have been marketing ourselves up to now. Thanks to Bryony and Julie, I have a much clearer roadmap of how to go about this task.”

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