Aberdeen City Council hires four new Directors

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Aberdeen City Council has appointed four new directors to lead a major transformation of the organisation.

Following a national recruitment exercise, the directors  will lead four new functions at the heart of the new Target Operating Model.

The four functions are Customer, Commissioning, Operations and Resources.

Aberdeen City Council Chief Executive Angela Scott said: “We are delighted to have reached the final stages of the recruitment process for our new senior management team and are looking forward to welcoming the directors to Aberdeen City Council in the New Year.”

Andy MacDonald has been appointed to the Director of Customer Services role. Mr MacDonald will be responsible for bringing together all customer contact into one workstream and joining up information, working with residents and communities to ensure the Council has a clear understanding of customer needs, overseeing the development of digital services and supporting the empowerment of people and communities.

The Director of Commissioning Frank McGhee will be responsible for ensuring all of the services provided by the Council either in-house or through delivery partners meet the priorities of the Community Planning Partnership – that is improving outcomes for the economy, the people and the place.

The Director of Resources Steve Whyte, who is the Council’s current Head of Finance, will be responsible for managing the Council’s assets and the delivery of major infrastructure projects that support the economic development of the city. In addition, the development and support of the Council’s workforce and continued prudent financial management will also be a key responsibility.

Rob Polkinghorne has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer and will bring together the leadership of the Council’s ‘in house’ delivery functions such as an integrated children’s and family services that will look after all of the needs of a child including education, social work and family support services. Management of the city’s parks and green spaces as well as waste services and trading standards will also be part of this role.


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