Aberdeen drone company secures funding to further advance its technology

Kieran Hope, Air Control Entech chief operating officer
Kieran Hope, Air Control Entech chief operating officer

AIR Control Entech, the certified remote inspection technology specialist, has been awarded £175,000 to further advance its previously developed 4G technology to 5G.

The grant, by UK Research and Innovation through the Future Flight Challenge, will be used to bolster and further establish remote digital connectivity for its drones, crawlers and ROV services by providing live stream capability between engineers and the asset being inspected, enabling a reduction in the number of key personnel needed offshore.

Since streaming the world’s first live offshore inspection in 2017, the company has continued to develop its remote maintenance technology and is in a strong position for the rollout of 5G infrastructure globally.

The technological advancement allows for land, sea and air inspection to be carried out remotely, with the ability to reach extreme heights and depths quickly, as well as accessing extremely confined spaces with no risk to life.

Kieran Hope, Air Control Entech chief operating officer, said: “Our technology reduces not only the number of people offshore, but also the time spent by key personnel required to work onsite.

“By using 5G technology, the data from inspections can be downloaded faster, while the data can also be shared in real time.

“This has a huge number of benefits for clients as it allows them to see potential issues sooner due to the reduction in latency 5G brings.”



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