Aberdeen households missing out on vital energy-saving funding

Alastair Macphie (Green Home Systems)

HOUSEHOLDS in Aberdeen city are missing out on funding for energy saving measures due to a lack of awareness and misconceptions, according to a Scottish energy efficiency specialist.

Green Home Systems says up to 80 per cent of the customers they approach across Scotland either don’t know they’re eligible or are skeptical about the funded schemes.

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Alastair Macphie, Managing Director of Green Home Systems, commented: “It’s worrying that households facing fuel poverty are losing out on vital funding.

“There are subsidies available to help with things like insultation, boiler upgrades and solar panels, but we’re often met with apprehension and mistrust from those who believe ‘you don’t get something for nothing’. Yet Scots are used to benefitting from subsidies in other essential areas, like prescriptions and education. 

“These are not handouts but are government-funded investments in our collective wellbeing, helping to combat fuel poverty, reduce carbon emissions, and create healthier living environments.”

Schemes currently in operation across Scotland include the Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) as well as UK Government’s flagship ECO4 energy efficiency policy – it includes a scheme called ECO Flex which is in operation across Aberdeen city. ECO Flex lets local authorities develop their own eligibility criteria so they can best serve their local communities.

Alastair said: “ECO Flex allows the standard ‘means test’ for unlocking ECO4 funding to be waived in favour of more flexible and locally-set eligibility routes, allowing more families to benefit, so if you live in Aberdeen city it’s well worth exploring alongside the other funding options available.

“We appreciate that navigating the funding landscape can be tricky – it’s no wonder some people find the process daunting or confusing given all the different schemes, acronyms and criteria.

“We’re often asked if you have to be out of work to be eligible and the simple answer is no – a significant proportion of our installations are carried out for working families.”

To address this pressing issue and make the process easier, energy efficiency specialist Green Home Systems (GHS) is ramping up its efforts to educate and empower homeowners by raising awareness of the options open to them.

By leveraging government subsidies, GHS has already installed over 16,500 energy efficiency measures in homes across Scotland, saving half a million tonnes of CO2 and making energy bills more affordable for 7,000 people.

Looking ahead, GHS has ambitious plans to deliver an additional 5,000 energy efficiency measures to homes in Scotland over the next 24 months.

By helping a further 1,000 families out of fuel poverty and inching closer to its goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 1 million tonnes, GHS is steadfast in its pursuit of a greener, more sustainable future for all.

Alistair continued: “We are determined to overcome these challenges by providing transparent information, personalised support, and educational resources to empower individuals to take control of their energy consumption.  I would urge anyone who needs help or advice around funding to get in touch.”

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