Aberdeen marketing specialists launch digital marketing events initiative

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Three Aberdeen Marketing Specialists have collaborated to launch a series of Digital Marketing Meetups.
The ‘Gravity’ meetups series was launched by Bob Gentle, Yva Yorston and Yekemi Otaru.

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The events aim to support business owners and anyone tasked with promoting businesses of any kind.
Bob Gentle, Managing Director of StudioNEC spearheaded the collaboration after identifying an opportunity to deepen the digital marketing knowledge of local businesses.
In explaining what the business community can expect from Gravity, Bob noted, “Gravity is about two things. Firstly, we want to bring together the digital marketing community — whether they are in-house, agency or freelancers. Gravity is very much a social thing. Secondly, it’s about recognising and celebrating deep pools of specialist knowledge. Digital marketing is about cross-discipline relationships so designers, content creators, developers and strategists all have a role to play.”
Yva Yorston, Founder of Content Boost commented, “I’m excited to be part of this super squad of top Aberdeen marketers. It’s a fantastic opportunity to bring together like-minded people who want to be bigger, braver and bolder with their digital marketing.”
In bi-monthly in-person events, Gravity hosts Bob, Yekemi and Yva will help demystify key aspects of digital marketing for the audience, following up with articles and videos to deepen this knowledge over the ensuing two months.
“It’s a great opportunity to support the business community by providing a platform for sharing knowledge in digital marketing. A good result will be that the three of us are simply facilitators of something far bigger than us, showcasing Aberdeen’s wealth of marketing know-how,” explained Yekemi Otaru, Director of YO! Marketing.
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