Aberdeen only UK venue for ‘Ross Emmett’ founder of EMMETT Technique public speaking date

Fiona Ross, co-founder of the Urban Wellness Hub
Fiona Ross, co-founder of the Urban Wellness Hub

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Urban Wellness Hub in Aberdeen is hosting Ross Emmett, founder of the EMMETT Technique, for his only UK public speaking date on his tour across most countries in Europe and Scandinavia. It takes place today, Monday 19th Aug.

EMMETT is a non-invasive, muscle-release therapy developed initially for use on animals but then the technique was later adapted for work on humans and is now practiced globally.

Fiona Ross, co-founder of the Urban Wellness Hub, who was instrumental in getting the UK date said “We were just so very happy when we learned that Ross had chosen the Urban Wellness Hub for his only public speaking date whilst in the UK.  To host Ross for this event and being the only venue in the UK makes it a lot more special. My entire family are involved with EMMETT in some shape or form”.

She added “EMMETT is definitely becoming better known in the UK, whilst in the States and Australia it is very much part of mainstream healthcare.  Believe me, anyone with neck, back, shoulder, arm, leg pains or problems, needs to try EMMETT as it is the most amazing result-obvious treatment anyone can try”.

The EMMETT Technique first evolved as a means for founder Ross Emmett to treat sick and distressed animals.  The technique was quickly recognised by animal care and welfare organisations and is now widely recognised globally as an amazingly gentle, safe and simple-to-apply muscle release therapy based on an understanding of the animal’s response to light manipulative touch. A similar technique was developed by Ross for use on humans, and it worked so well that many clinics and hospitals and government Health Services adopted the EMMETT technique into their ‘out patient’ services.

Fiona works fulltime with a large O&G Operator but in her spare time, as a qualified EMMET 4 ANIMALS  Level 5 Practitioner, goes around the region helping owners of horses and dogs, using the EMMETT technique. 

Attendance to the event is subsidised 100% by Urban Wellness Hub and anyone interested can apply for a ticket via Eventbrite  https://an_evening_with_ross_emmett.eventbrite.co.uk


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