Aberdeen tech company develops industry “first” offshore safety app

Adrian Brown, Fennex managing director

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AN Aberdeen-based technology company has developed a “ground-breaking” digital solution combining artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimise safety observations across the energy sector.

The app, developed by intelligent digital solutions specialists Fennex Ltd, has been successfully deployed across the offshore global fleet of international drilling contractor Noble Holding Corporation.

The pioneering Behavioural Based Safety Solution (BBSSTM) is a cloud-based intuitive platform that provides live visual dashboards and intelligent analytics tools to aid decision-making and improve operational performance. It combines safety observation data sourced from both physical safety cards and digital tools.

To allow for varying levels of digital readiness across a diverse global fleet, the solution included both an app for mobile phone and tablet use offshore and a paper card specifically designed for conversion to digital data using machine learning.

Fennex said initial results have shown increased participation by employees, improved data analysis and significant time savings.

Barry Quinn, Noble HSE director, said: “The safety observation system is considered a key aspect of Noble’s HSE management system execution and developing a robust digital solution that fully aligns with our own corporate HSE system was critical to its success.

“We are excited to be early adopters of this ground-breaking solution, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with Fennex to leverage the power of digital technologies to transform the way we operate”.

Adrian Brown, Fennex managing director, said: “Over the last year we have seen many of our customers prioritise the use of innovative technologies to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement, and drive efficiencies across their business landscape.

“Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are fast becoming common place within our customers solutions, as they experience the real benefits that such elements can bring when effectively applied.

“As the upstream oil and gas industry remains in a period of high uncertainty, the need for cost saving, performance enhancing technologies is a must.”


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