Aberdeen translation company expansion sees more languages added

Blue Steens, an Aberdeen-based translation and scientific writing service has expanded its language services and now offers German, Italian, Spanish and French translations.

Blue Steens’ mission is to facilitate knowledge exchange in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) disciplines by providing quality translations and content writing.

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Whilst English is the dominant language in STEM communication, non-natives may feel more comfortable reading about subjects of interest in their own language.

Dr Christiane Wirrig, Blue Steens’ founder said “Content writing is a form of translation. I translate complex scientific concepts and jargon into a language that can be understood by non-specialists.”

Fife-based translator Giulia Marzetti is a native Italian with a background in engineering. She has worked as a translator and interpreter with several public and private clients. Her expertise includes oil and gas-related content, scientific publications, chemical patents and Scottish legal documents.

Aberdeenshire-based Elisabeth Griffin is a native French speaker and highly experienced translator and interpreter who is accredited to provide certified translations of official documents. She has provided her services in various areas such as health & safety, environment, whisky industry, offshore survival courses, real estate, local government as well as courts and police.

Christiane Wirrig added “My core expertise is in the areas of biomedicine, biotechnology and microbiology. Having Giulia and Elisabeth on board does not only add more languages, but also a wider spectrum of STEM and other disciplines. I am excited that Blue Steens will be able to assist more clients in their effort to spread scientific knowledge as well as communicate clearly and effectively across language barriers.”

Giulia Marzetti says, “It is a pleasure to work with Dr Wirrig who has demonstrated great initiative in bridging the gap in the scientific translation market. I find scientific translation very interesting, as it combines my education in science and technology and my passion for languages.

Elisabeth Griffin said, “I welcome the opportunity to add my services to the new platform set up by Dr Wirrig. I believe it will prove to be a vital tool to maintain and also create links across countries.”

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