Aberdeenshire butcher first in Scotland to build salt wall

Aberdeenshire speciality butcher, Davidsons, has become the first in Scotland to build a dusty pink-hued Himalayan salt wall.

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The award-winning butcher was provided with 200 blocks from gourmet salt company Salt House to build the wall, with the aim of enhancing the curing process and improving the flavour of its produce.

Each block measures 12 x 4 x 4 inches and form part of the seven feet tall wall, situated in the chill room of the butcher’s Inverurie outlet, where meat is cured for around 40 to 60 days.

The pure Himalayan rock salt from Pakistan purifies the air in the chill room, creating the optimum environment to bring out the flavour of the meat. Through the dry-ageing process, moisture evaporates from the beef, helping to intensify its flavour.

Gregorie Marshall, Managing Director of Salt House, said: “We were thrilled to provide the salt blocks for Davidsons’ salt wall, as we know Himalayan rock salt will help them to create the perfect atmosphere for the meat. Dry ageing the meat with a salt wall results in a superior, tender product with optimum flavour. It truly brings out the best in the produce.”

Established in 2004, Davidsons is a multi-award winning, family- run speciality butcher with three outlets in the North East of Scotland. It was recently awarded Best Overall Steak at the Q Guild’s Scottish 2015 BBQ Championships.

John Davidson, MD of Davidsons, said: “We’re delighted to be the first butcher in Scotland to install a Himalayan salt wall and it’s proved to be so successful, we have plans to build another one with Salt House.

“We typically cure our meat for between 40 and 60 days – sometimes longer– and the result is succulent, tender, full-flavoured meat due to the impact on the environment of the Himalayan salt. It’s been a great venture for us and the results are just fantastic.”

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