Aberdeenshire ranks second in the UK for new finance graduates


INVESTINGOAL’S recent study unveils the best counties for new finance graduates in the UK, with Aberdeenshire securing the noteworthy second position. Greater London claims the top spot, while Worcestershire falls to the bottom of the list.

The study crafted an index from an analysis of nearly 9,000 finance sector job listings, focusing on counties with more than ten listings for the final ranking. Aberdeenshire earned an impressive score of 80.31 out of 100, boasting one of the highest median wages in the UK at £42,000—31.43% higher than the national average.

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Greater London clinches the first position with an index score of 85.27 out of 100, featuring the highest nationwide median wage at £46,500, a substantial 45.51% above the national average. The capital also leads in job listings with 39 per 100,000 residents and a staggering 3,433 unadjusted job listings.

James Daniels, a spokesperson for InvestinGoal, commented on the findings, emphasising the diverse opportunities for finance graduates across the UK. The study provides valuable insights into economic landscapes and professional environments, serving as a comprehensive guide for recent graduates.

Aberdeenshire’s commendable standing reflects its robust financial sector, offering lucrative opportunities and a higher-than-average median wage for new finance graduates. The study positions Aberdeenshire as an attractive destination for individuals entering the finance industry, affirming its status as one of the leading counties for aspiring finance professionals.

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