Aberdeenshire shines as prime hub for finance graduates in UK

Rural Aberdeenshire

ABERDEENSHIRE has emerged as a significant destination for newly minted finance graduates, securing an impressive second place in a recent study conducted by InvestinGoal. The study, which delved into nearly 9,000 finance sector job listings aimed at graduates, provides an insightful look into the landscape for emerging financial professionals in the United Kingdom.

InvestinGoal’s comprehensive analysis awarded Aberdeenshire a noteworthy index score of 80.31 out of 100, showcasing the county’s strength in nurturing and providing opportunities for finance graduates. The study factors in crucial elements such as median wage, job availability, and overall job listings targeted at recent finance graduates.

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Aberdeenshire’s standout performance is underscored by its commendable median wage of £42,000, surpassing the national average by an impressive 31.43%. This statistic underscores the region’s economic strength and the potential for graduates to embark on prosperous financial careers within the vibrant Scottish locale.

While Greater London understandably claims the top spot with an index score of 85.27, Aberdeenshire’s robust showing secures it ahead of other notable regions, including Stirling, which takes third place. The top ten counties for finance graduates offer a mix of opportunities across the UK, with England boasting five places, Scotland securing four, and Northern Ireland clinching one spot. The inclusion of locations such as Bristol, Armagh, and Wiltshire in the top ten further highlights the diverse landscape of opportunities available to finance graduates in different regions.

Aberdeenshire’s prowess in the finance sector, as illuminated by this study, positions the county as an attractive hub for aspiring financial professionals. The findings serve not only as a testament to the economic strength of Aberdeenshire but also as a valuable resource for graduates seeking nuanced insights into the diverse opportunities available within the financial sector across the United Kingdom.

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