AberNecessities’ ‘believe in magic’ Christmas campaign aims for record packages


ABERNECESSITIES, a dedicated children’s charity based in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, has launched its annual Christmas campaign, ‘Believe in Magic,’ to spread festive cheer and bring a touch of magic to the lives of local children in need. With one in five children in the region living in poverty, the charity aims to ensure every child can experience the joy and wonder of Christmas.

In 2022, AberNecessities saw an unprecedented surge in demand, doubling the support needed at Christmas compared to the previous year. This year, the charity anticipates an even greater need for support due to the ongoing cost-of-living crisis, which has disproportionately impacted families in the area. AberNecessities is setting an ambitious goal of delivering a record-breaking 3,000 Christmas packages to local children.

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The ‘Believe in Magic’ campaign is designed to create bespoke Christmas Eve Boxes for children in need. These boxes contain brand new items, including cosy pyjamas, slipper socks, a festive activity, a Christmas storybook, a mug and hot chocolate, sweet treats, and a special surprise for Santa and his reindeer. Founder Danielle Flecher-Horn emphasised the significance of this initiative, saying, “Christmas should be a magical time, filled with joy and wonder, but for some families living in poverty, it’s just another day in a long battle to provide the basics for their children in the midst of the cost-of-living crisis, and another challenging winter.”

To achieve their goal, AberNecessities is calling on the support of the community. There are two primary ways for individuals and corporations to get involved:

1. Sponsorship: Corporate supporters and individuals can contribute by sponsoring the campaign, providing essential financial assistance to make the ‘Believe in Magic’ campaign possible.

2. Donations: Members of the community are encouraged to contribute by gifting items that will go into the Christmas Eve Boxes for local children. The AberNecessities Giving Tree tags will be available in offices and venues across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire, as well as on the Union Square Giving Tree over the festive period, to facilitate gift donations. Monetary donations can also be made online at AberNecessities’ donation page.

“We believe that together, we can create a brighter and more magical festive season for these children,” added Danielle Flecher-Horn. “Every contribution, whether big or small, will make a meaningful difference in the lives of local children and their families.”

AberNecessities is urging the public to join hands in making this campaign a resounding success. By supporting ‘Believe in Magic,’ individuals can help bring joy to thousands of children and families facing financial challenges this holiday season.

For more information about AberNecessities’ ‘Believe in Magic’ Christmas Campaign and to get involved, please visit the official website at www.abernecessities.co.uk.

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