ActivityMix Launches In Edinburgh

ActivityMix, the active employee engagement company is to launch in Edinburgh by adapting its Corporate Pentathlon sporting events for Scotland’s Capital.

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The inter-company sporting events and tailored staff engagement programmes offered by the firm aim to build more productive businesses by establishing a strategic framework for better communication, respect, leadership, achievement, engagement and enjoyment in a corporate environment, long-term.

The company, which is already firmly established in Aberdeen’s corporate market with companies such as Shell, Halliburton, Bibby Offshore, Costain and PricewaterhouseCoopers, is to adapt its Corporate Pentathlon calendar of sporting events for Scotland’s Capital.

Rick Johnston, Founder of ActivityMix comments: “Having shaped many success stories in Aberdeen, it was a natural progression for us to adapt our unique offering for another city. According to the Centre for International Competitiveness, Edinburgh is a perfect fit – being the most competitive large city in the UK.

“At ActivityMix, we have come to recognise the importance of putting people first in an organisation. Where employees were previously driven by bonuses and benefits, we are now witnessing a shift in what motivates and engages the workforce. Individuals now have an increased desire to improve themselves and take control of their own direction. Sport is a great vehicle to do this, while also driving employee engagement, motivation, reward, staff retention and increasing development.

“Each industry has its own challenges, which tend to have an impact on the motivation and retention of staff. If we take the financial sector, for example, Dale Carnegie* states that 65% of banking employees are ‘disengaged’ or ‘partially disengaged’, while PricewaterhouseCoopers states only 10% of millennials are planning to stay in their role long-term and 63% of financial service CEOs see lack of trust as a threat to growth.

“What we are here to do is equip companies with the tools necessary to tackle these challenges head on, addressing issues and engaging staff in business progression. While other businesses might argue they already do this, ActivityMix has intertwined this process into an enjoyable, sporting environment.”

Jules Lancastle, fellow founder of ActivityMix continues: “As we scratch the surface, many organisations are realising that inter-company events are also becoming a key tool for the identification of potential business leaders of the future. Others are joining such initiatives for a range of reasons; to increase communication among different employee groups, as a tool to break down hierarchical barriers, a strategy for the retention of staff and even as a positive brand building exercise.

“On a motivational level, many individuals are also coming forward with their own personal stories of triumph against adversity. For someone like myself who has worked hard to educate and inform businesses about the potential strategic benefits which come directly from sporting activity, it is exciting to see more businesses working to adopt the right attitudes. These initiatives are a key driver to impact the bottom line of any business and it is our goal to educate businesses in Edinburgh on this.

“By harnessing the correct combination of personal and company benefits the two will likely become mutually reinforcing. So if someone gains confidence, knowledge and has improved their health, then it’s likely they’ll become motivated, more engaged and therefore more productive in the workplace. Ultimately, this will lead to greater job satisfaction, recognition and reward. Personal benefits equal company benefits and vice-versa; here lies the beauty and strength of the activity/corporate mix.

“We are very excited to bring our business to the Scottish capital, and having already established some positive connections, we are looking forward to implementing our business model and revealing the sporting talents held by the employees of Edinburgh.”

For further information on the services offered or how your company can get involved contact Amanda Inglis or Louise Shankley on 01224 238430 or visit

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