Acumen Financial Planning aiming to lead the way in educating young Scots about finance

Nicola Doohan (Recruitment and Development Manager at Acumen Financial Planning)

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AS MORE and more Gen Zers turn to social media to gain financial advice, Acumen Financial Planning has created a range of resources to help schools expand students’ access to financial education. 

Working in collaboration with local schools, the financial planning experts have created a series of short bite sized videos to explain the importance of finance skills. 

With the aim of equipping youngsters early on with the skills they will need in the future, they have been specially developed to cover key areas such as how to understand your first payslip, the importance of pensions, and the role of income tax and national insurance. 

Acumen Financial Planning has been working with local schools in the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire region to assist young people in understanding good day-to-day financial practices. Members of the team including a former pupil from Westhill Academy, Kieran Knowles, who joined Acumen as a graduate apprentice in the last academic year, have presented on different financial topics including pensions, tax, and payslips.  

In addition to developing partnerships with schools and universities, the firm is currently looking for its next group of talented young people to make the first step into a career in finance. An experience that provides pupils with first-hand experience working in the financial planning profession as well as building their professional and personal skills. 

Nicola Doohan, Recruitment and Development Manager at Acumen Financial Planning said: “Financial education in schools is an essential way to help young people achieve better financial outcomes later in life. This is a topic we are passionate about Acumen Financial Planning and are pleased to be able to deliver these videos and give an accessible insight into financial basics.” 

“It has been great to see the interest from local schools in the resources we have created. With many young people leaving school and going into full-time jobs for the first time, it is important that they know the basics when it comes to finance so they can transfer these skills to other aspects of their life.” 

Mr Stuart Sweeney, Depute Head Teacher of Westhill Academy, added: “The videos are a great way of engaging our young people in financial education.  The videos feature voiceovers of staff at Acumen and some of our current and previous students, too!  The helpful, real-life illustrations provide good context for pupils and allow them to access the materials.  Pupils are frequently requesting real-world finance education and the resources will go a long way to supporting this.  A huge thanks to the team at Acumen for their support with this.”   

Local schools interested in accessing the educational visits or for more details about recruitment opportunities can contact Nicola Doohan on 01224 392350 or 


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