Acupuncture clinic undergoes re-brand as it diversifies it’s services in bid to reach new audiences

Qing Zhang, owner of Nature’s Way

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NATURE’S Way, an acupuncture and Chinese medicine company has expanded its services to include massage and reflexology as they look to reach new audiences after significant investment.

Qing Zhang who owns Nature’s Way, is a doctor of Chinese Medicine with over 25 years of experience. She studied for over seven years at the University of Shanghai where she used acupuncture and herbal medicine to take a different approach to treatment, working in Oncology wards caring for cancer patients.

After moving to London and working in injury treatment clinics for three years, she realized there was an untapped market for Eastern medicine in the UK. On a chance visit to Aberdeen she was struck by the potential in the local area.

Qing said “It was the open-mindedness of the people in Aberdeen that resonated with me, they seemed open to the benefits of alternative medicine”

Deciding to move to Aberdeen and set up her own business, Nature’s Way was created. Having now been in the city for 16 years, the diversification in her business comes at a time when views surrounding Eastern Medicine are changing.

 “I’ve seen the perceptions of acupuncture and herbal medicine change greatly since I first started here. In the beginning, it was mostly young people who were more open to eastern treatment, but recently I’ve seen a much greater part of my clientele come from the over 60s”

Qing is hoping the re-brand will help her to reach more people and show them the benefits that acupuncture can bring.

“By adding in more western forms of massage into my services, I can offer my customers more ways in which I can help them, once they see I can help them, they’ll be more open to other forms of treatment that I offer”

Despite difficulties surrounding the perception of alternative medicine in the city, Qing has also found there are significant advantages to running her business in Aberdeen.

“I get a lot of my business from word of mouth, so being in a community as closely knit as Aberdeen means that I get a lot of client referrals”

Nature’s Way is located on 607 Holburn Street with a wide variety of treatments now on offer, find out more on their website at:


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