Advertising job vacancies: Tips for Scottish businesses

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THE competitive recruitment industry and online job boards full of tons of different jobs that are advertised every day can seem like a confusing place for business owners who aren’t totally up to date with how the recruitment process works in the digital era. We have come up with a guide to how Scottish businesses can make sure they advertise their job vacancies in the most efficient possible way in 2021.

Use Handy Recruitment Tools

There are cutting edge recruiting tools and software out there that can help employers to source candidates and find talent.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are a useful tool that can enable employers to create communities based on skills and location and makes it a lot simpler for employers to engage with candidates on the system.

Understand Your Target Audience and the Right Profile of Candidate for the Role

To advertise a job vacancy properly for your business, it’s firstly important to know what your ideal candidate would be like and how they would think and behave when looking for a job. What qualifications should they have? How much professional experience should they have? What about the job’s duties, responsibilities, and little perks that will motivate them into being interested in applying for a job role? You should make sure these are all clearly stated with no spelling errors in the job advertisement, so the applicant knows what the job entails and what the requirements are for them to be able to be considered for the role.

Pick One Candidate Out of Many Applicants

The difficult task for employers is managing to come to a final clear-cut decision on who is the best option to go for and the strongest candidate for the role out of all the applicants. Some job adverts have 100s, if not 1000s of applicants.

It’s more efficient for employers if they are able to narrow down the search for candidates as early as possible and speed up the recruitment process. Experts such as Hiring People can help by providing in-house recruitment services. They can help you to advertise a job across multiple leading job boards and ustechnology to drive their recruitment process.

Analyse the Online Interactions and Engagement Across Your Company’s Social Media Channels

Employers can look at and analyse the interactions and engagement across the company’s social media channels and use CRM systems to gauge the age, sex, location, profession, etc of the people who look out for information and updates about the company on the internet.

When posting job advertisements across their social media channels, it’s important that companies have information about the demographics of people their posts are reaching.

Tailor Your Job Adverts to Your Target Audience

To encourage your ideal candidate into applying, you need to make sure you write your job adverts in a manner that appeals and reaches out to them.

You can tailor your job adverts so they engage with your target audience and the core group of people interested in applying to work for your company and following its progress online. Your target audience and ideal candidate for a role can be defined by a range of factors such as education, qualifications, skills, soft skills, professional experience and so on.

With many Scottish business now re-opening due to the lifting of the restrictions brought in during the pandemic, it’s essential that Scottish businesses know how to advertise a job vacancy properly to find the best possible candidates.


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