Box-It North Scotland unveils new storage system

An Angus document management company has introduced a new cloud system for storing paper records.

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Box-It North Scotland has unveiled Omnidox Records Manager, which allows for physical paper archives to be instantly monitored and managed effectively in multiple locations.

The system removes the requirement for digital document conversion while allowing for consistent classification which can be an issue when several users are accessing information from different venues.

As the system offers real-time information, the Edzell-based company claims the improved efficiency will also let businesses see a reduced carbon footprint due to lower fuel and paper usage. It also says the system will reduce the risk of firms breaching statutory compliance and other associated retention rules.  

Box-It North Scotland’s Regional Director Allan Carnegie said: “I’m really excited about this innovation which is already transforming the way our clients are working. It’s saving them time and money and we enjoy making a difference to our clients’ profitability.”

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