BrewDog announces launch of BrewDog Kennels

Rooms are fully dog-friendly, with dog beds and treats on offer

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BrewDog announced that bookings are now being taken for stays in the Aberdeen Kennels, and can be made here. Prices for the rooms start from £75 and the brewery’s shareholders, BrewDog’s 125,000 plus Equity Punks, will qualify for a discount on booking.

  • The craft brewer confirmed that Aberdeen and Columbus will be the first in a series of BrewDog Kennels, with others following in due course in the city centres of Paris, Manchester, Berlin and London.
  • The BrewDog Kennels are launching just a few months after their DogHouse Hotel in Columbus was named one of the ‘100 Best places on the Planet’ by TIME Magazine. The UK’s largest craft brewer has pledged to bring the same spirit, touches and focus on beer, food and customer service to their BrewDog Kennels.
  • As the forerunner for the pack, the fully-appointed rooms in the Aberdeen Kennels feature the following:

    • A welcome craft beer at check-in
    • Food and beer from BrewDog Castlegate, downstairs, delivered to the room
    • Shower beer on offer in every room
    • All rooms featuring French-press coffee, record player/vinyl and a guitar
    • Rooms are fully dog-friendly, with dog beds and treats on offer
    • Rental bikes available to explore BrewDog’s home city of Aberdeen
    • Further room touches include bathrobes, a beer book library, board games and sustainably-sourced toiletries
    • Mattresses, mattress toppers, duvets & pillows toppers from Simba Sleep

  • The company also announced that bookings can be made from the room for beer-themed excursions and experiences, such as their popular ‘Beer School’ at the downstairs Castlegate bar, or a guided visit to their brewery in nearby Ellon, including travel, a behind the scenes tour and an in-depth beer tasting.

BrewDog Captain and co-founder, James Watt, commented: “Our BrewDog Kennels are a revolution in accommodation, sparked by too much time spent in immediately forgettable hotel rooms. We firmly believe that where you stay in a new city should be your home from home, so have brought the spirit of our DogHouse Hotel and its reverence for great beer to a new series of mini-hotels. And what better start for the BrewDog Kennels than our home city? Aberdeen is an incredible place for craft beer so we have upped the ante with our own take on accommodation. To paraphrase the song; you can check out but you may never want to leave.”


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