Business woman behind Tonic Nutrition opens nutrition academy

Local business-woman Lynsey Mentier has launched a new health and nutrition school following on from the success of her first venture Tonic Nutrition.

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H.E.A.L Academy by Lynsey of Tonic Nutrition, is an organisation which offers e-learning and online healing resources for people who want to change their lifestyle, diet and health. The online facility – which makes nutrition information available to the masses – has been developed by Lynsey.

The company offers people the chance to make informed, alternative decisions about their health, through knowledge, information and professional guidance and plans to help educate, nurture and offer bespoke e-courses aimed at people suffering from chronic illness, hormonal imbalance and physical and emotional symptoms of food intolerance or dietary choices.

Lynsey, a mum-of-two, who started the nutritional consultancy – Tonic Nutrition – in 2014, saw a huge demand in business as people chose to change their lives through whole foods living. The 33-year-old said: “I started Tonic Nutrition as a result of my son suffering from food intolerance but not getting any assistance through our medical system. I managed to heal his symptoms through diet and gained qualifications in order to start up my business.”

“There has been a spike in demand recently as people have become more informed about the way in which food can affect and change their body. I specialise in helping people suffering from hormonal imbalance, chronic illness and the physical and emotional symptoms of their diet”

“Most things are treatable through healthy living and I have a host of testimonials proving that diet and nutrition really can improve your life. It really is all about prevention not cure and looking after your body is key to that process.”

Now, Lynsey has launched her H.E.A.L Academy she is giving her clients a chance to learn about food, nutrition and its affects – for themselves. She said: “I love working with clients through Tonic Nutrition and seeing the changes people make for themselves with my support. Being there to support them is truly rewarding however, what I really want to do is educate people and offer them a chance to become informed, so they can use their knowledge to make decisions for themselves, their families and their lives.”

The first two courses available for enrolment are IBS Freedom and Beat Sugar. IBS Freedom offers sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome a chance to become free of its symptoms within 14-days. The diet plan and technique have been proven to work if followed appropriately and have been achieving outstanding results for sufferers.

Beat Sugar helps people become free of refined sugar, which can be responsible for many health issues like hormone imbalance, false hunger, inflammatory illness, anxiety, depression, arthritis and a loss of bone density – not to mention the negative effects on kid’s health and brain function. It even has links to cancer. Sugar cravings are simply a sign of imbalance and curing it through correct nutrition will empower people to stop that damage in it’s tracks and lay the foundation for, as Lynsey puts it, “awesome health”.

For more information please visit and get involved at the Tonic Nutrition Facebook page too.

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