City centre bar and restaurant close down

Olive Alexanders

ANOTHER city centre business has closed its doors as costs and footfall continue to pose issues.

Olive Alexanders and Barbelow – which opened in March and July 2022 respectively – have not opened in 2024, but the owners have now announced they’ll remain shut.

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Emily Hailstones and Hayley Fisher, who own the businesses, cited a number of reasons for the closure of the units which have contributed to falling footfall.

In a statement they said: “As a very small family run and funded business, the last year has been tremendously difficult with decreased footfall to the city centre, council decisions with bus gates, a distinct lack of investment for Union Street, increased costs of goods, essential items and energy.

“We couldn’t put up our prices to match the demand of all of this and consequently without a major injection of cash, we couldn’t keep this going.”

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