Crowdfunding initiative to unlock Aberdeen’s potential

Individuals, community groups and businesses are being invited to turn their ideas in to reality through the launch of a new funding initiative.

Aberdeen City Council along with an array of local organisations has joined forces with Crowdfunder to help Aberdeen residents make a lasting impact on the future of the city.

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Following committee approval in August 2016, the collaborative Crowdfund Aberdeen campaign has now opened for pre-registration.

The scheme will encourage partnership working with cross-organisation bodies whilst allowing local groups and businesses to promote their projects and seek the funding they require to deliver them.

Applicants will not only receive assistance with funding but support will also be provided in the form of training.

Crowdfunder will enable organisations to move away from projects being fully funded by governing bodies. The scheme will also create strong community links as citizens have a personal vested interest.

Councillor Willie Young, Finance Policy and Resources Convener, said: “We are delighted to be part of this exciting project. We are in the midst of the largest transformation programme that our city has ever seen and inclusive economic growth and improving the quality of life for residents is at the heart of that.

“We have seen the significance of crowdfunding in recent years on a national and local level. By embracing the opportunities this presents, we will empower residents and give them the chance to turn their ideas in to reality while improving their communities.

“Aberdeen City Council looks forward to working in partnership with numerous organisations from across the region.”

Aberdeen Science Centre Chief Executive, Liz Hodge, said: “We are thrilled to be involved and support Aberdeen City Council with this fantastic enterprise. Aberdeen Science Centre thrives on inspiring the next generation and encouraging growth within the community, this initiative will open an array of opportunities for many groups and organisation.”

Director of Peacock Visual Arts, Nuno Sacramento, PhD, said: Crowdfund Aberdeen will have funding contributions from governing bodies and encourage ‘the crowd’ to back projects they believe will better their community. In addition to funding, Crowdfund Aberdeen will also highlight projects to groups that wouldn’t otherwise come across them.”

The website is now live for pre-registration. To find out more visit:

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