Deeside Distillery lays down 88 casks for investors

Liam Pennycook (rear) with a colleague at Deeside Distillery’s base in Banchory
Liam Pennycook (rear) with a colleague at Deeside Distillery’s base in Banchory

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Deeside Distillery, launched in 2017, has become the first distillery in Royal Deeside in almost 200 years to produce and lay down casks of future single malt whisky.  Only 100 casks will ever be produced from its site.

Just 88 limited edition casks will be available as part of its founders’ collective.  The ‘liquid gold’ will be matured until 2029 to ensure the very best whisky is produced with no other single malt whisky being released before then.

The hand selected founders’ casks will be numbered 1-88 and available in 200L ex-Bourbon or 250L ex-Oloroso casks.  Depending on strength, approximately 250 bottles are expected from each cask. 

Commenting on the launch, head distiller, Liam Pennycook, said: “We are incredibly excited about launching our 88 casks of future single malt whisky as part of our Founders’ Collective.  For whisky investors to be able to purchase whisky from the first new distillery in the region in almost 200 years is a great achievement for us.   With our plans for a new site under way, the new distillery is moving forward quickly making this batch even more exclusive as there will be no further production following our move.

“We have spent almost two years experimenting with laying down octaves (very small casks) to gather as much knowledge as possible and our years of experience in the brewing, gin and rum production has given us a wealth of knowledge. We are excited to have had several industry experts believe we have created something very special.   Charles Maclean is coming early next month to taste the spirit again and to see first-hand how our new still is producing our recipe.  We are certain, even at this early stage, that we have created something special with our future single malt.”

For the first time, whisky has topped a recent wealth Report highlighting its appeal to investors.  The Knight Frank Luxury Investment Index (KFLII) reveals that whisky increased in value by 40% over the last 12 months.  The Rare Whisky 100 Index features for the first time in the KFLII and showed a 600% increase in value of whisky bottles stating that “price growth of rare single malt whiskies shows the appetite for new “alternative” asset classes remains strong among high-net-worth investors.”

Deeside Distillery uses Deeside Water in its production – a unique water renowned for its properties sourced from the Deeside Valley with a low PH, low minerality and smaller molecular cluster size.  

Casks are priced from £7,500.  This is a unique opportunity to purchase the only casks that will ever be produced from Deeside Distillery with plans secured for a new two-acre site in Hill of Banchory for a new distillery.  Due to regulations, a distillery can’t move its name to another site so the new distillery will be set up for its own production leaving Deeside Distillery as a ‘dead distillery’.

Owners also receive exclusive access to events, future discounts of other releases from the new distillery along with storage for up to 10 years.  

Deeside Distillery has appointed Aberdeen-head quartered Chartered Accountancy & Business Advisory firm Anderson Anderson & Brown LLP (AAB) to advise on fundraising which is planned to commence in the summer of this year.

Brian McMurray, Head of Equity Funding at AAB commented “We are delighted to be supporting the team at Deeside Distillery in establishing the new site in Banchory. Demand for Scotch whisky continues to grow, and we expect this opportunity to invest in a local distillery will attract significant interest.”


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