Downsizing In Aberdeen: Everything You Need To Know


THE Granite City of Aberdeen may be known for its shimmering architecture, but it’s also a hub of constant change and movement. Downsizing, or trading larger homes for more manageable spaces, is a trend that many Aberdonians are embracing. For some, it’s an opportunity to simplify life and focus on what truly matters, while for others, it’s a necessity driven by a variety of factors such as retirement or a change in family circumstances.

Why Consider Downsizing?

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Downsizing doesn’t merely mean reducing the square footage of your living space; it also brings with it a range of benefits. You could find yourself saving significantly on bills, from heating to council tax, making it an economically attractive choice. There’s a sense of liberation that comes from letting go of the extra rooms that acted as dust magnets rather than functional spaces.

How to Get Started

So you’ve pondered the pros and cons and decided that downsizing is right for you. Now what? The first step is to assess what you genuinely need. A two-bedroom flat in the city centre may offer the amenities and social life you’re after, without the daunting upkeep of a four-bedroom house in the suburbs. Look into various options; from quaint cottages to modern apartments, Aberdeen’s diverse housing market offers something for everyone.

The next step is finding a reliable storage solution for the belongings you’re not ready to part with. In Aberdeen, Safestore provides excellent options for short-term or long-term storage. This allows you to keep precious items secure while you transition into your smaller home, giving you the time and space to decide what fits into your new life.

Financing Your Move

Money matters, especially when you’re making a significant life change. If you’re moving from a larger home, the sale could provide a sizable sum for your next purchase. However, don’t forget about additional costs such as estate agent fees, stamp duty, and moving expenses. A detailed budget will help you navigate these financial waters without undue stress.

Conversely, downsizing can also be an opportunity to release equity from your property, offering a financial cushion or the chance to enjoy some luxuries you’ve had your eye on. Consulting with a financial advisor can provide tailored advice to ensure that you make the most of this opportunity.

Local Support and Services

Transitioning to a smaller home isn’t merely a question of logistics; it’s also a lifestyle change that may require some adjustment. Aberdeen offers various support services for those looking to downsize. Several estate agents specialise in helping older residents find suitable properties, and local charities often provide invaluable assistance for decluttering and moving.

Local community centres also offer classes and social opportunities, helping you maintain an active and fulfilling life in your new, smaller space. From crafting courses to book clubs, there’s no shortage of ways to integrate into the vibrant Aberdeen community.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

Even with thorough planning, downsizing can still be a daunting process. Make it easier by decluttering well in advance of your move. This will not only simplify the logistics but also help you identify the items that are genuinely important to you.

Furthermore, consider the accessibility of your new home. Features such as elevators, ramps, or even just the ease of public transport links can make a considerable difference in your quality of life. It’s not just about finding a smaller space; it’s about finding the right smaller space for you.


Downsizing in Aberdeen offers not just a change of scenery, but also a unique opportunity to reshape your life around what truly matters to you. Whether you’re moving to enjoy the perks of city living, free up some cash, or simply to lighten your domestic responsibilities, downsizing can be a rewarding journey. Plan carefully, seek professional advice, and embrace the community spirit that makes Aberdeen such a delightful place to live.

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