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The Support Team who are all based in Aberdeen City and Shire, is a collaboration between Theresa Day, Elaine Duthie and Iain Hamilton.

This event will change your mind-set and thinking patterns, explain ways to save money and re-arrange your finances to make your money work harder, and provide advice on what employers expect from both the candidates and their CV’s.

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Whether you are employed, self-employed or looking for your next job, the information presented at the seminar is for you.

The first presenter at the seminar will be Performance Coach Theresa Day, who wants to give you a very simple but incredibly effective formula that is guaranteed to kick-start your personal transformation.

This formula is used by top achievers and it was learnt and adapted through much research and exploration. If we mentioned names like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor even Stephen Covey would that ring any bells for you? Imagine going from a muddle of confusion and heavy doubt to a proactive results driven way of directing your choices and decisions every day.

Theresa says “I want to share how this particular shift in thinking has the potential to get you on a track of being back in control of your own destiny. I am currently working with business owners in supporting their vision, we are implementing this formula into everyday activities for excellent personal and professional results. To refinance or even reinvent your next careers steps brings up heaps of fear, my aim is to give you this very exciting formula and show you how to make it work for you.”

Following Theresa will be Investment Consultant Elaine Duthie, who will outline how to make wise investments not only considering monetary investments, but also investing in yourself, by way of ensuring you enjoy a good standard of living and can sustain that standard regardless of any external climate challenges.

Putting a strategy plan in place for the money you’re about to or are earning right now, will lead to financial sustainability in the long term. Allow the money you’ve earned to continue to pay for your life going forward. Whether you are in employment, self-employed or temporarily unemployed, at the seminar Elaine will explain how you can beneficially re-arrange your outgoings to create a saving, and be able to create a strategy plan for investing going forward.

Elaine says “by adopting the re-investing strategy, which I will be outlining in detail at the seminar, you can create a long term sustainability.”

The final speaker on the night will be Career Advisor Iain Hamilton, who knows there is a lot more to getting hired than having great CV, in fact a great CV may not help at all if it is not specific to the role you are applying for.

The competition for jobs is higher than ever and understanding what a recruiter or hiring manager is looking for is key. As part of the support team Iain Hamilton from Job Search Advisor will help you understand how to get on the shortlist, how to ace an interview and how to improve your chances with on social media.

Iain says “my aim is to empower you with the knowledge of how to get hired and how to grow your career.”

During a time where there is so much uncertainty, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Life holds no guarantees, and I think if you are reading this article you will be shaking your head in agreement.

Where were you a year or two ago, what were you up to? So many people were booking holidays, burning cash like there was no tomorrow. Today for many it’s a different story.

Families are living apart because work options are further afield, both family members might be under constant threat of getting that letter or call into the manager’s office where the options are not optimistic.

How does one get out of this crazy cycle? Perhaps you have realized nobody is coming to save you. You are going to have to be the hero of your story. This is exactly where The Support Team want to help you out.

There will be an event by The Support Team at The Hilton Treetops Aberdeen on Thursday the 16 th of March from 6 pm until 9 pm.

Andrew Smith from ABN Community, an award winning networking specialist, will be master of ceremony at the events held by The Support Team.

There will be an opportunity for a question and answer session with each of the speakers and each delegate attending the seminar will secure a strategy sessions with one of the speakers by appointment post event.

Tickets for the event can be obtained from:


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