Floating offshore wind sector promises global opportunities for subsea industry

Neil Gordon, Subsea UK chief executive

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SUBSEA companies can find out how to leverage the opportunities in the multi-billion pound Floating Offshore Wind (FOW) sector through a three-part webinar series.

The event organised by Subsea UK and the Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult’s Floating Offshore Wind Centre of Excellence (FOW CoE), begins on March 9.

Subsea UK is encouraging underwater engineering companies to capitalise on the “massive” global potential in FOW following recent developments.

The UK Government has set a target of one gigawatt (GW) of floating wind capacity by 2030, the EU is aiming to have 100-150 GW by 2050 and new research from Wood Mackenzie states the FOW market in Asia Pacific could offer investment opportunities worth up to $58 billion.

Experts from ORE Catapult’s team will explore FOW deployment targets, provide an overview of the £2m FOW CoE’s objectives, work programme and supply chain development activities, including relevant opportunities for the subsea sector relating to dynamic cables and ancillary systems and mooring and anchoring systems.

Guest speaker Alexander Fløtre from Rystad will forecast demand for offshore wind cables driven by floating wind, helping potential suppliers assess the scale of opportunity in the FOW cable sector.

Neil Gordon, Subsea UK chief executive, said: “The UK’s subsea sector is ideally placed to leverage its vast underwater sectoral experience to segue seamlessly into supporting floating offshore wind and play an integral part of its future. Floating offshore wind has the potential to be a massive industry on a global scale and there are very real opportunities for the subsea sector to grasp in this exciting, emerging market.

“This initial webinar provides an overview of the industry for our participants, concentrating on the predicted FOW deployment rates until 2050, the size of opportunity for the supply chain and how to engage with work on mooring and anchoring systems and dynamic cables. We’ll be supplementing this session with two subsequent webinars that highlight critical subsea components in floating offshore wind, with lots of practical advice on how delegates can get involved in this game-changing space.”

The webinar, which takes place from 15:30 – 17:00, is free to attend.


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