Former cleaners take on boardroom roles

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Commercial cleaning company Spotless, has appointed two former cleaners as joint Managing Directors as part of its strategy for long term growth.

Nicola Barbour and Michelle Lamb will share responsibility for over 1400 staff across 7 offices. They will each handle a £6m per annum portfolio.

Nicola Barbour, based in Aberdeen, will look after the company’s operations in Aberdeen, Sheffield and London as well as oversee the opening of a new office to service the Reading area. 

Michele Lamb will be based in Glasgow and responsible for Spotless’s offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and Manchester.

A key objective for the joint MD’s will be to ensure the same procedures, policies and levels of service are replicated across each of Spotless’s seven offices. 

Spotless CEO, Roger Green, said: “Both Michelle and Nicola joined Spotless as cleaners as at the time they needed flexible part time work to fit round their family commitments. They threw themselves into their roles and I quickly recognised that they had a real aptitude for managing people. I promoted them to more and more senior roles within the company to encourage them to develop their skills and fulfil their full potential. They have worked their way up to the most senior management positions learning the business from the ground up.

“They have both worked with me for a considerable length of time.  Michelle has been with the company for 22 years and Nicola for 8. They bring an immense amount of experience to their respective roles and have been key to helping grow the business. I am confident that they will continue to drive the future growth we are aiming for and I am delighted to have the opportunity to promote them to this joint leadership position in recognition of their commitment to the company.

”I believe in creating work environments where people can contribute and be rewarded for what they do. I empower my staff by recognising good performance and encouraging them to grow and develop at every opportunity. The level of service Spotless delivers to its customers depends largely on the level of dedication of our Managers and Nicola and Michele are both outstanding examples of this.”

Roger set up Spotless Commercial Cleaning in 1988 while still studying at university in Edinburgh. He has grown Spotless into a national brand with an annual turnover of £12million and 1,400 employees over 7 offices across the UK. He believes its success lies in the fact that the business has been built on the three core values of fairness, decency and respect. If the company’s cleaning staff and managers are engaged, happy and recognised for their efforts then the company’s clients will reap the rewards of a motivated cleaning staff.


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