Foundation marks a decade of support from Aberdeen Business Network

Left to Right: Phil Anderson, Nicola Currie, Mark Thouless, Yekemi Otaru and Myles Edwards. (Photo: Malcolm Duckworth)

THE Gathimba Edwards Foundation (GEF) is marking a decade of support from Aberdeen Business Network (ABN) after receiving over £120,000 to help channel vital resources to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and families in Kenya.

ABN was launched in 2008 to provide networking services and knowledge sharing and has acted as a linchpin for the charity. GEF’s partnership with ABN has generated diverse forms of support, ranging from event sponsorships to volunteer contributions and volunteer participation in the bi-annual Kenya house building trip.   

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ABN has also helped facilitate the enrolment of 23 people to GEF’s child sponsorship scheme which covers the cost of public school, college and university fees for families who cannot afford it. The programme also provides children with uniform, books, stationery and school meals.  Some of these are long term sponsors of over 10 years.

Since being introduced to GEF through ABN, Phil Anderson of Phil Anderson Financial Services has provided consistent support to the charity. Phil said, “Being able to contribute to GEF through headline sponsorships of GEF dinners and child sponsorship has been an incredibly rewarding journey. Seeing the real difference our support makes to the lives of children and families in Kenya is highly rewarding.”

Helen Mill of The Alternative Board North East Scotland has also been a long standing supporter of GEF through ABN, taking sponsorship packages at events such as the ladies lunch, house building trip and GEF Dinner.  Helen said, “Supporting GEF aligns with our values at The Alternative Board North East Scotland, and we’re committed to continuing our support for such impactful initiatives.”

Leigh Reid of ABN said, “ABN is delighted to have been able to open doors for GEF through our distinctive business community. Our efforts have not only connected individuals and organisations but have also amplified awareness of GEF across a wide-reaching business network.”

Leigh added, “Our primary goal is to foster mutual support and collaboration, serving as both a referral hub and a platform for knowledge-sharing and best practices. We are committed to continued growth, aiming to diversify our membership across various sectors to benefit both businesses within our network and our local community. Additionally, we remain dedicated to extending our support to more charities in the future.”

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