Gas leak repair innovation from Intec Analysis collaboration

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Intec Analysis has developed a gas leak repair system for the Oil & Gas Industry.

The repair system works by applying a protective layer to stop minor fugitive gas leaks on process pipework, such as small-bore tubing, flanges and other non-moving parts.

Collaborating with the University of Strathclyde, the new system has undergone a series of tests by the University to ensure its robustness.

Dr Sharon Ingram of the University of Strathclyde comments, “the system attained a good level of cure at room temperature hence making it advantageous for the proposed application.”

Scott Wallis, Director at Intec Analysis, explains its value to the oil and gas industry, “the application can last 6 months, allowing sufficient time for operators to plan maintenance without having to shut down the facility.”

The leak repair system is designed to stop gas releases under the legislative reportable limits, ensuring platforms can remain operational. The system will increase safety and reduce carbon footprint in real time.

Intec Analysis are thermography and fugitive gas monitoring specialists. This innovative gas leak repair system is set to save millions for oil and gas operators by significantly reducing unplanned shutdown costs on platforms.


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