Going the extra mile reaps benefits in stagnant oil & gas market

Janet Keating
Janet Keating

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Aberdeen based e-commerce specialists, nSYS Systems, have literally been going the extra mile to grow their business in recent months.

Janet Keating, Director of Applications and Development at nSYS, has clocked over 15,000 air miles over the past 4 months in search of new business.  The extra travel to the likes of Portugal, Finland, Wales and London has seen them secure deals in the same time period with major transport, manufacturing, building and mining companies.

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Janet explains why the business took this new approach and how it has paid off.

“Our target market disappeared overnight hen the global oil crisis took hold.  Projects were cancelled, sales negotiations stalled and the pipeline started drying up. As with many other businesses in the North East it was a matter of find new markets or die. We had the very latest P2P (Purchase to Pay) and electronic transaction network technology.

“Everybody uses P2P, everybody needs P2P and we set about marketing it across the whole of the UK.  We now have a brand-new portfolio of companies from Edinburgh to South Wales, a better pipeline than we had before the crisis hit and turnover has risen to £800,000.”

As part of the business development push the firm has signed a 3 year deal worth £230,000 with Willerby Homes, the UK’s largest manufacturer of holiday homes and lodges.

NSYS will be providing Willerby with electronic invoicing and AP automation services. The move is intended to greatly reduce the workload and time taken to process and pay invoices. With inbuilt analytics, Willerby Homes will get a clear view of cash flow and cost management.

nSYS Managing Director, Julian Keating tells us how this has come from have changing the focus of their marketing away from solely oil and gas.

Our business is not focused on a single sector. Being based in Aberdeen, it was natural for us to focus on financial software in the oil and gas sector, which has been successful for us over the years in gaining incredibly valuable clients.  Refocusing on P2P Automation and e-transaction services was the first step before travelling further afield to secure new business.

“By diversifying our market within the UK and also internationally, in the last two months we have secured the first two of a series of major P2P automation and commerce network contracts. Response across manufacturing, suppliers to business and service companies has been amazing.”

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