How And Why Your Business Should Be Recycling Old Tech

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The landfill problem in the UK is enormous and is already posing a threat to the environment and to humans. We have to recognize, though, that there is no one group of people or organization that can be held responsible. Any person who has owned a cell phone has contributed to the problem, however small it is. Even so, perhaps billions of small contributions have added up to the current perilous state of affairs.  

Businesses are not exempt either. For example, computer systems for many companies may have had a number of updates even within the past decade. Unless you have kept the old equipment stored somewhere, there is a good chance much of it ended up at the bottom of one of the many large piles of old tech waste.

Recycling old tech is gaining momentum in practice. However, the problem continues to worsen despite this. Therefore, more must be done. The good news is that more – much more – can be done, and your company and others can make it happen.

In the paragraphs to follow, we will talk about why your business should be recycling old tech, and then show how you can get your company going on a plan.

Why Your Business Should Be Recycling Old Tech

Here are just a few good reasons you should be recycling old tech:

Impact The Environment – Even if the only environment we know is the locality of the UK, it is ours. We live in it, work in it, and in the case of companies, we do business in it. Repairing and protecting it really is protection for our businesses, our livelihood and most importantly, life itself.

Enhance Your Brand – Your company brand represents your company’s reputation. It was once customary for businesses to take the lead in important civic duties and causes. What better civic duty is there than the environment? If your company cares about the environment, it can rightly be said that it cares about the people who live in it, something people will see in your brand.

Keep Your Office & Storage Space Tidy – Many companies are inclined to tuck the old tech waste out of the way in their buildings. Sometimes they are pushed aside in the same cubicle they came from, creating unsightly clutter. Regular participation in a program of recycling old tech waste will help to keep these areas tidy.

Better Security

Many companies have unwisely tossed their old tech equipment directly in the refuse container. On the plus side, these items never made it to the landfill. However, they ended up in criminal hands that stole sensitive data.

Even if you intend to recycle these items, always be sure to restore the devices to factory presets or erase important data from them. Above all, never throw them in the dumpster.

How To Recycle Your Company’s Old Tech

Recycling your old tech waste is better for everyone in the long run. If it ends up in the landfill, in time it can poison the air we breathe, the water we drink and ruin the land that houses our homes and companies. So how can you get started?

To begin with, if your devices are still working, you may not have to recycle them. Sometimes manufacturers will take them in trade for new ones. There are also several computer repair shops that might accept them for parts, so check with them to see what their policy is. Donating working devices to charitable causes may also be an alternative.

Otherwise, contact your local recycling center. Some of these may handle old tech in addition to other recyclable, while some specialize purely in old tech.

Make a list of all the types of devices your company will be recycling, and then call these places to find out if they take any of these devices. Some centers will pay for these old devices, while others simply remove it for no charge. Whatever the case, this is far better than allowing them to end up in a landfill.


Old tech waste is inundating the landfills at a rapid rate. While some progress is made, it cannot be understated that there is more to be done. Businesses use electronic devices to run their business; it only stands to reason that they do their part to keep their old tech from doing further damage to the environment, and ideally, helping to reverse the problem before it kills everything.

If you are not sure how to get started, call any recycling centers near your business and find out what it all entails. The monetary cost, if any, pales in comparison to the universal cost if the environment is damaged beyond its ability to repair itself.

Plunc is one of the most trusted tech recycling companies in the UK, and have been recycling gadgets for over a decade.


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