How Business Coaching is Helping Aberdeen Businesses to Succeed

Aberdeen Harbour
Aberdeen Harbour

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A few months ago, Aberdeen was deemed to have the slowest and weakest growth in the small scale industry across the UK, but things have gradually improved in the last few months. Along with other factors such as active support from the local government, business coaching courses have played a huge role in making it happen.

Lowered Confidence: A Serious Issue Plaguing the Granite City Even Now

In accordance with the report presented by the CYBG (linked above), the primary reason behind the city’s declining business conditions is a direct impact of the oil and gas market’s fall. Although that dark period between 2014-2018 is now behind them, it seems the impact of the fallen market is still plaguing the confidence levels in Aberdeen.

As a matter of fact, the report clearly indicated that during the first quarter of 2019, Aberdeen’s small-scale industry’s confidence was indeed the lowest in the entire United Kingdom. This is also why business coaching has played such a crucial role in its recent improvement, since mentorship by default involves multiple steps towards boosting confidence.

Business Coaching and Its Role in Bolstering Aberdeen’s Business Community’s Confidence Levels

One of the core principles of business coaching courses involves instilling self-confidence in new and established entrepreneurs alike, as well as working with every high-level executive that needs assistance to look past the setback.

Unlike most courses dedicated to developing confidence though, the mentors provide the business executives and owners with actual solutions to their problems and use their own pool of vast experience and knowledge to help them have that faith and assurance which comes with knowing that there is someone with the right expertise to guide them through their present predicament.

Given that Aberdeen’s business community was in serious need of a confidence boost, it doesn’t come as a surprise that business coaching courses worked as well as they did.

A Portion of Aberdeen’s Business Community Has Started Learning about Mentorship Themselves

Before 2011, Aberdeen had a bustling business community, and many of the same business leaders are still working in the city, albeit with less success. However, some of them have now started earning their own business coaching qualifications, so that they can make their already invaluable pool of experience even more valuable for their own business, as well as for rebuilding the city’s business community in accordance with the present market situations.

Business Coaching is Augmenting Experience with Updated Knowledge

A common issue faced by corporate leaders from older generations is that a lot has changed in regard to how business is conducted, and their knowledge gap puts them at a disadvantage, in spite of having all the experience. This isn’t just a problem in Aberdeen either, but it’s a general issue, which business coaches are addressing effectively everywhere.

Technology has enhanced and completely revolutionised multiple aspects of modern business, with automation and cloud synced systems having the most impact in the recent years. A business coaching course, or a dedicated relationship with a business mentor helps business leaders identify and fill their knowledge gaps. This in turn, enables them to combine their newly acquired knowledge with the experience and skills which they already possess, thus ending the low confidence streak in many cases.

Widescale Coaching is Still Required

The turnaround rate within a single quarter has been nothing short of impressive for the city’s small business community and they deserve the due credit, but a lot still remains to be done.

Not enough business coaches are being utilised, therefore, leaving a large portion of the local business community in the same position as they were before; low in confidence and afraid to make new moves. The BCF Group has the resources to help Aberdeen by both supplying the mentors for business coaching, as well as by providing the business coaching qualifications and courses to willing candidates. Many of the busiest small business owners in Aberdeen are already taking advantage of their online business coaching courses; a path that more entrepreneurs need to start taking soon.

Someone with an ILM accredited business coaching qualification from the BCF Group is also looking at an illustrious career ahead of them, especially since they won’t likely need to look outside the city for business owners who need their trained, astute guidance and knowledge.

As of now, the effort towards seeking business mentors needs to pick up more, as that would lead to faster results.  It remains to be seen how much the Scottish city manages to turn itself around, but if the recent improvements are any indication of what is to come, then the combined effort of the business heads and the business coaches are going to show more impressive results by the end of 2019 itself, and especially post Q1, 2020. 


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