How to become one of Scotland’s most successful businesses

James Fleming

The business landscape is ever-changing and fast-changing….creating an environment that sets apart great leaders from average leaders. in an interview with High Growth Scotland, James Fleming, co-founder and Managing Director of leadership training consultancy The Power Within Training and Development, reveals that there’s work to be done to support Scotland’s leaders of tomorrow to not only be prepared for future challenges, but to be eager to redefine them.

He said: “Right now, I don’t believe we’re equipping enough of Scotland’s emerging leaders with the key traits that the world’s most successful people have….skills that mean they can thrive while others are struggling. Skills such as being able to navigate the complexities of the modern workplace, embrace diversity and foster engagement at all levels.”

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Most of these traits can be summarised under one umbrella term – Motivational Intelligence (MQ), which is the third and most influential level of human Intelligence and revolves around a person’s ability to identify and manage negative thoughts and self-limiting beliefs to overcome barriers and accomplish goals. 

And James, who founded The Power Within Training with his wife Enas seven years ago, is convinced it’s the key to Scotland’s future business and economic success. 

It’s generally agreed that the most successful leaders worldwide have grit & resilience in spades, an ability to thrive during adversity, see round corners, fail quickly, adapt at speed, embrace change, and learn constantly.

James said: “These are the skills that Scotland’s emerging leaders need to foster if we’re to generate greater business success, wealth, innovative solutions to significant challenges, and greater economic success in the future.

“It’s not just the senior leaders in our organisations who require the infusion of MQ Leadership but every employee who forms the backbone of the country’s businesses.

“We can learn all these skills to become better, more accomplished leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, employees……people.”

While traditionally, companies have worked hard to put in place technical and systems-based training for their people, James believes that a vital piece of the jigsaw is missing – the piece that nurtures grit, resilience, and the ability to thrive amidst adversity.

He added: “We often meet highly skilled leaders and emerging leaders who have simply never been taught the additional skill sets and mindset needed to take them from good leaders to great leaders, from successful to exceptional.

“And to me, this is a no-brainer. Because if we have more exceptional leaders who are thriving, then we have more successful employees, businesses, and a thriving economy……the things we need to lead the country into a brighter future.”

The Power Within Training and Development launched in 2017 and is based near Glasgow, with 14 employees who work around the UK. The company is the first and only certified trainers in Motivational Intelligence (MQ) outside North America, and now runs its Leading with Motivational Intelligence (MQ) programme around the world, across various sectors, offering both in-person and online training.

A year ago the business introduced The Power Within Her, a programme that supports women in business across the UK, helping equip them as leaders of the future through Motivational Intelligence (MQ) training.  

James concluded: “Just knowing how to do your job well, or even how to be a good manager, isn’t enough these days. To really fulfill our potential I believe we all need to learn the skills and mindset needed to be great leaders, whether that’s in our own lives, in a small business, or in a senior high profile role…..and it’s exciting to see so many businesses starting to realise this. 

“More and more over the next few years, I believe we’ll see a shift towards Motivational Intelligence (MQ) training for all employees….and I guarantee that the businesses that make that leap will be among the most successful in the country.”

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