Independent retailer celebrates smashing year two targets

Sonya Angus
Sonya Angus

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Sonya Angus, owner of Cults-based independent boutique by the same name has unveiled her shop’s rebrand, leaving behind Sonya Angus: Gifts, Furniture and Interiors and re-emerging as Sonya Angus: The Unique Boutique.

The rapid start-up success Sonya enjoyed in her first year (exceeding turnover expectations by 31% during her first six months) has only improved in year two as she hit more than £125,000 in sales – 15% more than her target.

The second half of 2018 was particularly profitable, scoring almost a 30% increase on the same period the previous year.  Moreover, her December sales alone reached an astonishing £19,000, marking a fantastic rise of 58% when compared to the year before.

“I thought aiming to grow turnover by 5% was quite ambitious, so couldn’t believe it when I blew it out of the water with figures I hadn’t dreamed of until year three or four,” explains the entrepreneur, who was crowned Local Retailer of the Year at the Trend Life with Style Awards 2018 and Retail’s Rising Star at the 2017 Evening Express Awards.

Sonya doesn’t just measure her success financially as she believes client satisfaction is also highly important. Fortunately, she is a high achiever here, too, with loyal customers’ votes leading to her securing the Best Gift Shop accolade at Scotlands (note: this is the correct spelling) Business Award last year.

Now, Sonya’s vision for the immediate future is to refresh her branding: “Until now, I’ve been known for my eye-catching aqua but, after two years in business, the shop has evolved.  My customers see it as exclusive and luxurious, yet cosy and very friendly; a haven where women of all ages in and around Aberdeen can accessorise their home and wardrobe in one visit. Therefore, it’s vital my brand reflects this feedback.”

Despite the new look, the boutique will retain its core values, says Sonya: “Divine products remain our passion and exceptional customer service will always be our speciality. The small, independent business ethos runs through our veins so, in an increasingly impersonal world, we’re here to create a sense of pleasure for each and every client – I want to be the go-to girl for irresistible gifts and treats, whether it’s an out-of-the-ordinary gift for someone special or a treat ‘to me, from me.”

Reflecting on her achievements to date, Sonya concludes: “Setting up on your own isn’t the easiest financially, emotionally or physically but watching my shop grow is the best gift I could wish for. And it just goes to show that you’re never too old to start your own business.”


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