Innovative sports coaching technology brought to market

The intellectual property (IP) of Aberdeen based Sport Technology Services has been put on the market by commercial intellectual property consulting firm, Metis Partners.

Sport Technology Services has made its name by developing 3D animation coaching software and a mobile app which allows sports coaches to use its innovative video-based performance analysis. The Company’s software products aimed at the sports industry can be used by a variety of sports ranging from American football, basketball, rugby, football and baseball.

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With sport now a multinational industry, coaching and coaching methods have generated huge interest around the world. In the US alone, the coaching business has revenues of $8 billion and employs nearly a quarter of a million people.

Incorporated in 2012, STS has a focus on coaching education and aims to develop innovative solutions to assist coaches in analysing and improving athletic performance. The Company was initially established to manage and develop TactX, a 3D animation coaching software, on behalf of UEFA, but since has focused on the development of CoachCam, a proprietary mobile app which is an innovative video-based performance analysis and communication tool for sports coaching. Potential commercialisation opportunity in relation to the Company’s IP assets are expected to be vast.

Created for iOS and Android, CoachCam is a unique video analysis app which, by allowing coaches to record and edit videos, enables them to instantly communicate performance improvements either to a team or an individual athlete. CoachCam is integrated with a unique “Cut and Move” feature, underpinned by a proprietary algorithm, which allows users to “move” players or objects to anywhere on the screen.

Designed with coaches in mind, CoachCam has been successfully trialled by the Scottish Football Association. A partnership has also been established with the Hellenic Football Federation in January 2017 for coaches to trial the App within their UEFA coaching licence programme. The Company noted an operational roadmap for app development is in place and further work to enhance and improve the App is in-progress.

TactX is a 3D animation software tailored for football coaching which was developed for UEFA. The software was also used by the Football Association to create their full grassroots coaching curriculum for the FA Licenced Coaches Club. TactX allows coaches to create football drills and training routines with ease on Windows and Mac-based devices, and produces attractive and realistic video for coaching and training purposes.

Lesley Little, Managing Director at Sport Technology Services, said: “Over the last two years we have invested heavily in the development of CoachCam and we have created a fantastic product and a development roadmap which is game-changing in this digital space.

“We would like to expose our technology to the largest audience and optimise its full potential, and so this is a great opportunity for a company in the marketplace which is looking for a quality addition to their portfolio as part of their sales and marketing strategy.”

Nat Baldwin, Head of Brokerage at Metis Partners, said: “This is a unique opportunity to acquire the IP assets of an innovative sports technology company whose partners have included major organisations in the sports industry including the UEFA, the FA, the SFA, the HFH, National Soccer Coaches Association of America, and Soccer Academy Alliance Canada.

“The Company’s IP assets address the increasing importance of video analysis in sport, which are able to satisfy demand in the growing market of sports technology.

“We expect that the sale would be of interest to parties in the sports technology, sports analytics, sports coaching, training, health and safety, software development and digital marketing sectors.

“The IP assets for sale include proprietary software in relation to CoachCam and TactX, goodwill rights, branded domain names and websites, extensive organisational knowledge, customer data and database, and trade marks.”

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