IT series launched to help North-east businesses

Gordon Christie, IT Hotdesk managing director

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AN Aberdeen-headquartered IT company has launched a new business insight series which is geared towards helping improve operations and drive efficiencies through the use of the correct IT systems and implementing new technologies. 

Gordon Christie, owner and managing director of IT Hotdesk will host the free online events, and publish a suite of educational blogs and easy-to-follow checklists for any business to access, covering topics such as business continuity, hybrid working, and cyber security to name a few. 

Gordon said: “Across the UK, businesses have felt the backlash of the Covid-19 pandemic, especially those in Aberdeen who were only just showing signs of recovery following the oil and gas downturn in 2015. 

“The speed at which technology changes and new systems are introduced can be quite daunting for some business owners. Combining this with the constantly evolving landscape that is cyber security and the increased sophistication of cyber criminals, the risks are never-ending. 

“I’d like to see as many businesses come out the other end as unscathed as possible. We’re all so busy trying to survive we often forget about our neighbours and the fact that together we make up the local economy. By creating this free, easy-to-follow content, I’m hoping to inform and educate the masses on how the correct IT systems can support their businesses.”

Having already hosted a number of webinars on hybrid working and cyber security, the team is deep into their research for their next webinar in the series ‘14 ways to protect your business’ which is scheduled to take place on April 22. 

Covering topics such as security assessment, cyber awareness, and encryption the event is suitable for businesses of all sizes and sectors. 


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