John Lawrie Metals repurposes 2200 tonnes of material

Fish farm

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JOHN Lawrie Group, the Aberdeen headquartered metal recycling, decommissioning and steel tubulars business has recently repurposed and exported more than 2200 tonnes of used mooring systems acquired through the decommissioning of North Sea oil and gas assets.

Over 50% of it came from the recent decommissioning of a North Sea FPSO and FSO mooring systems.

The material is now destined for Northern Europe’s aquaculture industry where it will be used as weights and ballasts for the construction of fish farm pens.

Dave Weston, John Lawrie Metals managing director, said: “We work closely with many North Sea operators and their supply chain to handle and process metal waste from their day-to-day operational activities and the onshore dismantling of offshore structures and subsea infrastructure.

“We actively seek new ways for this material to be utilised; using secondary raw materials in new ways means the natural environment is being preserved as less ore is mined to create new steel products. We estimate that there is an approximate saving of around 30% of raw materials over recycling.”

In 2020, John Lawrie repurposed approximately 3,700 tonnes of mooring material destined for recycling, which has helped save up to 3,589 tonnes CO2e.



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