Do you know how GDPR will affect your company?

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A recent survey by PwC of 200 companies with more than 500 employees, found that 92% considered compliance with GDPR as a top priority. 

It’s worth remembering that a violation of GDPR, such as poor data security which leads to public exposure of personal information, could result in a fine of over 20 million euros or 4% of your company’s net income.

Scotland’s Inaugural GDPR Summit taking place in Aberdeen November 9th, has a programme solely dedicated to GDPR which will give you access to world – class experts who can help you understand what is coming, what you need to be doing and how you can be compliant.

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Speakers at GDPR Summit in Aberdeen include –
Banking and Finance
Don Randall
Don Randall
Don Randall MBE – Chairman for GDPR Summit Aberdeen.
Don believes that anyone in the banking and finance world must take note “the enormity of illicit cyber security activity grows daily and May next year sees the introduction of the GDPR regulations, it is essential for the ‘financial sector’ to address, comply and deal with these matters .
Although some of the cyber activities are complex many are easily prevented, deterred and detected by education, basic cyber hygiene and good working practices
Sandip Patel
Sandip Patel
Sandip Patel QC
“Law firms should be geared up for the impact of GDPR upon their own data protection processes, or risk financial and reputational harm. A law firm that can show case it is GDPR ready will enhance client confidence and standing. Compliance should be seen as an opportunity, not a burden”.
Data Protection 
Richard Preece
Richard Preece
Richard Preece, Data Protection Officer DA Resilience 
“GDPR is a Board issue, with both strategic opportunities and dangers.   If strategically aligned, it could provides a catalyst for wider growth in the Digital Age.  If ignored or palmed off to IT, or HR, or legal to go and sort, there is a clear risk of material impact upon a business’ reputation, finances and operations.  The first step is understanding the issues, to enable boards and executive management to make effective judgements.”
SME Businesses
John Mitchison
John Mitchison
Andrew Taylor CEO BeCyberSure
“..with the impending introduction of GDPR, now is a great time to improve your organisations management of data generally, giving you thr opportuntiy to use it more effectivelly and securely…”
John Mitchison
John Mitchison
John Mitchison, Head of Legal & Compliance Direct Marketing Association
Marketing companies beware, John said organisations currently relying on consent to legally process personal data would need to go through a “recommissioning process, as your current consent is almost certainly not going to be valid” after GDPR comes into force in May 2018.”


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