Lifting company partner with Japanese firm to develop new air hoist technology

Bill Aitken
Bill Aitken

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Aberdeenshire headquartered, Red Rooster Lifting has invested £125,000 in the design, development and manufacture of new technology with long standing Japanese partner, TOKU Pneumatics.

The new air hoist will replace the older TCR and TNC models providing higher speeds, better duty ratings, lower noise levels and improved headroom, which will exceed the safety and quality standards required. 

TOKU Pneumatics has also invested substantially in the new technology by building the new TMH range of hoist along with a brand new test facility to fully test the hoists for the faster speeds and increased duty ratings, which has involved hundreds of hours of testing being carried out on the new design of hoists. 

The redesign has taken 10 years and has involved input from partners in the Netherlands and the USA with their specific requirements to meet the market needs of worldwide customers. 

The TMH3000/6000 and TMH25T and TMH30T hoists are already in service with theTMH10T   being released next month (September) and the TMH 250 to TMH 2000 being launched in 2020. 

Building on the quality of the standard range of hoists, the in-house R & D team at Red Rooster Lifting have developed an extended range of capacities up to 100 Tonne, along with many other special designs such as Low headroom hoists, Big Bag hoists, BOP hoists and Rack and Pinion drive hoists for FPSO vessels along with pneumatic overhead cranes and many other bespoke hoist designs.

Bill Aitken, Managing Director of Red Rooster Lifting said: “We are incredibly proud of the results of our partnership with TOKU – a leading edge technology air hoist which provides further enhanced safety for the industry.  With the TMH hoist models and the extended range of designs offered by Red Rooster Lifting, we can now provide our customers with the best new technology whilst maintaining our unbeatable safety standards. This achievement involved significant investment from all partners and intervention from global designers, engineers and sales staff. 

“Health and safety are of utmost importance to us whenever we are developing new technology.  This new air hoist accommodates customer requests, which included new lifting points, extra connections for chain collectors, stronger upper and lower limit, overload protection and precision control on both cord and pendant control hoists. The range of TMH hoists work well with four to six bar air pressure and allow a variable speed control which permits easy positioning during the lifting and lowering of loads. 

This latest development shows our commitment to continually investing in the future with new machine tools, design software and most importantly we are investing in our staff who will continue to build Red Rooster Lifting.”

Red Rooster Lifting has been supplying lifting solutions to the industry for over 30 years. As well as hoists, they stock a large range of special equipment. Their in-house design team can also design equipment to meet individual client’s requirements, manufacturing, assembly and testing is also all carried out in-house.

The Red Rooster air hoist is used across industries around the world including oil and gas, chemical plants, food and drink, production lines, marine, refineries, and heavy engineering. With a temperature range from -20˚C to over 70 ˚C as standard, the hoists can operate in areas of high humidity and demanding environments. Red Rooster Lifting certify all their hoists to the latest ATEX standards with our hoists rated Zone 2 as standard with all our hoists available as Zone 1. 


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