Local artists join forces to celebrate Fleeting Moment pop-up gallery collaboration

Katie Hammond and Kathryn McFarlane

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Local artists Katie Hammond and Kathryn McFarlane have joined forces for a pop-up gallery collaboration at Hy, Stonehaven in August.

Fleeting Moments is a collaboration bringing together a selection of Original Mixed Media Paintings, Prints, Jewellery, and Gifts by the 2 artists. Their work will be on display from Monday 2nd August to Sunday 8th August between 11am and 5pm.

Kathryn first became aware of Katie’s work through a press release about her solo show at the Aberdeen Art Centre in June 2019. They then met during NEOS (North East Open Studios) in September of that year, when Kathryn visited her studio.

Kathryn said “After meeting Katie at NEOS, we struck up a friendship which led to a series of regular video calls throughout lockdown.  We provided each other with mutual support during this time, keeping a creative focus and working collaboratively on plans for a pop-up gallery. As we emerge from restrictions, it’s exciting to be able to share our art with the outside world”.

Katie said “This will be a celebration of being able to come together; to re-emerge in person with our work after such a long time stuck in our studios. Creating our artwork provides us with a form of escapism, and helps us to make sense of ‘fleeting moments in time’’. This exhibition is our chance to share this with the world and we hope our work reflects our curiosity of the world around us and it’s moments of magic.”

Both artists believe that their work conveys moments of hope and joy. “When we are working in our studios we are immersed in our work, lost within the flow of the process. We feel very lucky to have had our art to keep us going through this extraordinary time and very grateful to have had this time to do what we love.  We hope this shines through as visitors take some time out to wander through our pop-up gallery.”

Katie more recently graduated from Art School and Kathryn is returning to her love of art after graduating from Art School in the ’80s.  Kathryn initially worked as a graphic designer, prior to a career shift to International Trade with Aberdeen City Council.

Those interested in finding out more can email either of the artists at kathryn@mcfarlane.me.uk or katiehammondcreates@gmail.com.


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