Local consultancy releases Sales Skills Development Guide for entrepreneurs and leaders

(Photo: © Graham Dargie)

ABERDEEN-based Sales Enablement Consultancy Doqaru Limited has released its latest whitepaper, which explores the ten most crucial sales competencies. Ranging from active listening and prospecting, to reaching decision makers and closing deals, the comprehensive guide provides leaders with the knowledge to nurture high-performing sales teams. The whitepaper also includes a templated Sales Skills Development Plan, enabling readers to set measurable objectives and actionable steps for targeted improvement.

The whitepaper spotlights Doqaru’s transformative impact through case studies such as with a recent client, Geoactive, an Aberdeenshire-based software company. Geoactive transitioned technical staff into sales roles through Doqaru’s customised twelve-month programme, in partnership with ESI, a Dublin-based sales education provider. The programme yielded significant gains, leading to the award of Professional Diplomas in Entrepreneurial Sales to four salespeople.

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Entrepreneurs and leaders can develop and nurture sales skills in themselves and their teams. Some key recommendations in the whitepaper are:

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses across core sales competencies for individuals and teams
  • Develop a tailored training plan to improve sales capabilities
  • Use a blended approach of formal training, coaching, and practical application.

Dr. Yekemi Otaru, Chief Growth Officer of Doqaru, commented: “Top salespeople are cultivated through focused training and continuous reinforcement. Focusing on nurturing one skill at a time is a great way to boost your overall performance without feeling overwhelmed.” 

Download Doqaru’s “Developing Top Sales Skills” whitepaper here. To explore Doqaru’s sales enablement solutions further, please contact Dr. Yekemi Otaru.

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