Looking To Start A New Career? Here’s Why An Apprenticeship Could Be Right For You

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WHEN you are looking for a new job, you can end up seeing the same phrases and requirements over and over again. One of the most common complaints that a lot of job seekers have is that many companies want you to have experience without offering any way of actually helping you to get it. How are you supposed to get your foot in the door when all the entry level jobs are being snapped up by the people who’ve been in the company for years and are looking for something different?

If you know where you want to be heading but you’re not sure how get that first foot on the bottom rung of the ladder, then maybe it’s time that you start thinking about an apprenticeship.

It Is Work And Experience

Unlike, say, an unpaid internship where there is absolutely no guarantee the company will want you to stick around after you’ve spent two weeks sorting out their filing and getting coffee for everyone, an apprenticeship will set you on the clear path towards getting you a job in your chosen field. You are working while training (and earning at least the national minimum wage for apprentices while doing so), so your time will be split between having an actual role alongside your employers and getting training that will make up at least 1/5th of your time on the job.

There Is A Lot Of Choice Out There

Taking on an apprenticeship does not restrict you to one industry. Whether you’re looking for a role in construction or HR, administration or digital, care services or advertising, there are apprenticeship opportunities in pretty much any sector that you can think of. There is also no restriction when it comes to age. The main requirements are that you are over 16, that you are not currently in full time education, and that you do not already have the skills that an apprenticeship would provide you with. For more information about the types of apprenticeships available, from Intermediate to Degree level, visit Employing An Apprentice. This online resource portal has advice on where to get started and how long each one may take.

It Can Be As Flexible As You Need It To Be

We are all carrying a bit more responsibility than we might normally do at the moment. The Coronavirus pandemic has meant that we’re all juggling more, whether it’s home-schooling or making sure that our vulnerable friends and family are getting their shopping delivered. In times like these, it can be tricky to commit to a nine to five when you’re not sure what the new restrictions are going to be from one week to the next, but with an apprenticeship, you can sign up knowing that there is nothing tying you down if it isn’t working out. You will also have the security of knowing that the people you’re working for will be adapting to the changes in the market while you’re training, so you will be ready for whatever is coming our way in 2021.


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