LR and UKAS boost for ICR Group’s INSONO innovation

Antonio Caraballo (ICR Group)

ICR Group’s innovative composite inspection technology INSONO has achieved validation from two globally-recognised accreditation bodies.

Specialising in cutting-edge maintenance, inspection and integrity solutions, ICR supports the transition to a lower carbon future across multiple industries and international markets.

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Now its INSONO solution has attained ISO/IEC 17020:2012 from UKAS (The United Kingdom Accreditation Service) for its inspection standards and levels of consistency.

In addition, INSONO has attained a validation statement from Lloyd’s Register (LR) which recognises the quality of its work for non-destructive examinations of composite wraps and repairs. 

UKAS supports the delivery of quality assessment and conformity processes, benefiting businesses and organisations that specify or use accredited tests, measurements, inspections or certification schemes. This accreditation underpins ICR’s confidence in the consistently high standards of delivery INSONO attains on behalf of customers. 

INSONO allows for the extension of defined life repairs, reducing waste and avoiding high-carbon emissions associated with traditional steel replacement alternatives. Developed by ICR, INSONO is a specialist solution for the non-destructive examination of composite repairs, providing operators with assurance in the installation, long-term performance and evidence that supports the life extension of the repair.

Antonio Caraballo, Inspection and Integrity Management Services Director at ICR,said: “The UKAS and LR achievements symbolise hallmarks of quality and compliance to international standards, adding significant value by enhancing credibility and customer confidence.”

ISO/IEC 17020 is an international standard that sets criteria for the competence and impartiality of inspection bodies, ensuring consistent, high-quality inspection processes across various industries and sectors, fostering trust and reliability in their evaluations and findings.

The INSONO innovation complements ICR’s Technowrap range and demonstrates tooperators that their composite repairs are fit for purpose and comply with regulatory body guidelines on inspection criteria.

INSONO can detect defects in three main areas of concern: the bond line, interlaminar dis-bonds and the steel substrate. A scanner provides 3D models and visual representations of the repair, allowing for precise dimensions to be used. Subsequently, an automated visual inspection report and 3D model are provided.

This technology may also enable composite repairs to be carried out in higher-risk locations, subject to risk assessment and engineering validation, where this may not have been previously considered.

Technowrap provides life-long repairs that can be applied to internal, external and through-wall defects on complex geometries. The Technowrap repair system reduces emissions by 66% compared to the traditional replacement methods.

ICR’s Quickflange offers cold work solutions with weldless, high-performance flange-to-pipe connections. It provides a permanent repair option for improving pipeline integrity and flow assurance, eliminating the need for welding or hot work. 

With an extensive range, Quickflange is a cost-effective and efficient solution generating up to 80% time saving and a 57% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over traditional welding. Welding and hot work are energy intensive processes requiring multiple materials, whereas the Quickflange technology offers a straightforward repair system that is less energy intensive and requires fewer specialist engineers.

In addition, ICR’s drone division, Sky-Futures, has secured UK and further international work. A global leader in unmanned aircraft and remote sensing operations, Sky-Futures and its team support clients by delivering high-quality inspection reports and data in support of asset build or inspection programmes.

As well as its Aberdeen headquarters, ICR has additional UK offices in Carnforth and Hemel Hempstead. The business has international operations in Stavanger (Norway), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Houston (USA) and Perth (Australia) as well as partners in over 25 countries.

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