Modern Marketing Meetup: The Next Chapter


Modern marketing agency, Moment​ has been invited to host an exclusive “Modern Marketing Meetup” during Offshore Europe week by Stuart McPhee, Chloé Watt & co. at Siberia Bar & Hotel. 

Introducing Aberdeen: The Next Chapter

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Running over two days, featuring six presentations by local leaders, the objective of these events is to try and answer the question: ‘what is next for Aberdeen’? 

Given the recent oil driven downturn and the resulting effect this continues to have on local businesses and the wider Scottish economy, many businesses are sensibly asking what Aberdeen needs to do in order to reduce its reliance on oil revenue. 

As a city community, how can Aberdeen adapt so that it is less exposed to any future fluctuations within the energy market? 

Although nobody is expecting a ‘silver bullet’, through this series of talks we will provide some insight towards what the future may look like, how a range of businesses are approaching this challenge and what local support may be required to help Aberdeen turn the page and start the next chapter. 

Did we mention there’ll be a BBQ and as we’re in a bar…you can expect a slightly more “relaxed” atmosphere than elsewhere throughout the week! 

Free tickets are available to reserve, here. 

It is recommended, to maximise the value you’ll receive from this event, to reserve a space on both days. 

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