MP David Duguid urges safety upgrade A90 Toll of Birness

David Duguid at Toll of Birness

BANFF AND BUCHAN MP, David Duguid, urges Scottish transport minister Fiona Hyslop to replace A90’s Toll of Birness junction with a roundabout.

This was following a recent collision that resulted in a road closure for over eight hours. The incident involved two lorries and a car, underscoring the pressing need for improvements.

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Duguid, who attended a meeting with Nestrans to discuss the A90(N)/A952 Ellon to Peterhead and Fraserburgh Appraisal, emphasised the need for immediate attention to the Toll of Birness junction. Consultants Stantec have been enlisted to update previous studies, exploring options to enhance the A90(N) and A952 corridors.

Nestrans is actively engaging the community through a “story map” website and online surveys for businesses and residents. The objective is to gather feedback on potential improvements to the road corridors, with the findings forming the basis of a case presented to the Scottish Government for necessary changes.

At the recent meeting, Duguid commended Nestrans’ progress and, in a letter to Transport Minister Fiona Hyslop, urged investment in upgrading the Toll of Birness junction to a roundabout. This initiative aligns with broader calls to dual the road between Ellon and Peterhead, highlighting the importance of enhancing road safety.

The urgency stems from a recent collision on December 7 that led to the closure of the A90 between the Toll of Birness and Hatton for more than eight hours. Duguid expressed concern that electronic warning signs are insufficient to address the recurring accidents on the A90, causing trauma to affected families.

In his letter to Minister Hyslop, Duguid stated, “I urge you to give some clarity on if you will back these dualling and roundabout plans from Nestrans, how much you will invest and when we can expect work on upgrading the Toll of Birness.”

Duguid highlighted the historical promises to dual the A90, dating back to former First Minister Alex Salmond’s commitment 16 years ago. Noting the absence of this commitment at the recent SNP conference, Duguid stressed the inadequacy of electronic signs as a solution to the major safety issues at the Toll of Birness junction.

He concluded, “This latest review, and its outcomes, must not be left to languish for another seven years with no significant action.” Duguid’s plea reflects the concerns of the local community and maintains the critical need for immediate measures to address safety issues on the A90.

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